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Scenting Glee: Part 3

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Welcome to part three of my Tuesday (appropriately) series: Scenting Glee! For part one and part two please click on their corresponding links. We're going to slow it down a little bit today and examine two characters (not five). Today, dear fumeheads and Gleeks, we're going to be scenting MY personal favorite Glee couple Brittana.

Santana Lopez
 I adore that character of Santana "The-Only-Kind-Of-Straight-I-Am-Is-Straight-Up-Bitch" Lopez! Her one-liner-razor-sharp-quips sting faster and deeper than a shank fashioned from a prison cafeteria spork that has been whittled down by the collected caustic tears of visiting jaded family members. I'd imagine, perfume wise, that Santana's one of those popular girls in H.S. that you always NOTICED that smelled really good. A little floral, a little green, a little tropical. That's why I decided to go with Kai.

I haven't smelled Kai in quite some time. I remember gardenia and tropics....white tropical flowers to be more precise. Not too sweet though...can't have that for Santana, it just would not work! For a rather recent - and delightfully cheeky- take on Kai, read this post from Scents of Self. I can see Santana going online, finding Kai (getting TOTALLY jazzed by it's celebrity following, as she DESPERATELY wants to be one herself) and ordering a bottle. ***Side note: How often do you see the names Kristin Cavallari and Cher next to one another in print?

Brittany S. Pierce
 I was going to give Brittany Aquolina's Pink Sugar. Now, before I get hate comments from the fumeosphere for projecting hatred upon our dear B. S'Pierce, I want to share this note that I got FROM Brittany when I asked her about Pink Sugar.

"Yeah, it's OK. Lord Tubbington got a bottle for me to celebrate World Ocean Day last year. But like, I really don't know. I mean, I don't like cotton candy that tastes like licorice or powdery caramel. Thanks for asking though!"

Lord Tubbington
So, clearly she's not a Pink Sugar kind of girl. So what to pick for our dear Brit? On Glee, have you ever noticed how incredibly clean and fresh Brittany's skin looks? Plus, there's a simple and clean childlike essence to how Brittany sees things. That, coupled with the fact that I think she's a total mall girl who would buy ALL of her beauty supplies at Sephora, I'm going to go with Clean as a perfume for Ms. Pierce.

I remember being rather fond of Clean when it first came out, and went through a few bottles of it. Like Kai, I haven't sniffed it in quite some time and am curious to visit its many reincarnations. I remember it smelled like fresh laundry, sunshine and lemonade. Wait...aren't those three Dementer fragrances....? ;-)

With the choices of both Kai and Clean, I wanted to be mindful of how they would work together as Brittana pranced together past the other students of McKinley High. I really do think they'll work rather well off one another, different yet complimentary. Just like Britt and Santana; just like all good couples.

Like what I've picked for the Scenting Glee Series? Have other idea? Please leave it in the comment section below! I'd love to discuss!

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