Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why You Eat Berries In Dark? Byredo's Pulp

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Dorota to Serena: "Miss Serena, why you eat berries in dark?"

Me raising my hand to anyone that will notice: "Ooooh, oooh! I KNOW! Because nobody likes you anymore, Serena!"

My strong dislike for Serena on Gossip Girl is matched by my strong like very all types of berries; both fragrance and taste. (Plus, it gave me a bloggy reason to use on of THE FUNNIEST lines on Gossip Girl in a long damned time. Thank you Dorota!) The problem with most of the berry perfumes I've sniffed smell like they belong on a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Not that there's anything wrong with SS (total fangirl growing up), but I am now a grown-ass woman. Speaking of which, children on the 80's, watch the video below, it's a TOTAL nostalgic blast from the past that's BOUND to make you smile!

I'm pretty sure if Strawberry Shortcake were all grown up, she's wear Byredo's Pulp! Byredo is a rather young (established in 2006 and based in Stockholm, Sweden) fragrance house. I really don't know WHERE I heard about Pulp, but I did somewhere and it caused me to order a sample, and I'm very glad I did. From the Byredo website comes the following copy:

"In Pulp, a compilation of exotic and Swedish influences create an international fruit basket. A dramatic composition focused on the idea of ripe, sweet, shapeless mass of fruit, an unruly and intense savor."

The notes are as follows...
Top: Bergamot, Cardamom, Blackcurrant
Middle: Fig, Red Apple, Tiare
Base: Cedar Wood, Praline, Peach Flower

OK, there's only ONE berry in Pulp with the blackcurrant note, but it's very berry-y. It's like a good quality, yet slightly spiced, jam. Although I wouldn't recommend licking your skin where applied. On the plus side, it's WAY less sticky! It makes me want some really good quality spiced tea. Clearly Pulp is a gourmand, but not in a "cake-y/pastry" sort of way. It's transparent, but barely so. It's comforting to me, as it makes my think of "taking tea' with my Grandma Byrd as a little girl. This makes me smile.

Even the small amount that I put on while savoring my tiny sample vial had REMARKABLE lasting power. It lingered in a full fruit sort of way, much of the middle notes were still found in what I was sniffing after wearing it all day.

As I said earlier I could very much see a grown up Strawberry Shortcake, or Serena van der Woodsen broodingly moping into her bowl of berries at the end of yet another failed plot, or ME as this is not on my full bottle list!

I'm now very keen on trying some of Byredo's other fragrances; particularly Mister Marvelous, La Tulipe (as it contains rhubarb) and Green. I'm curious about their candles as well. Especially Pavillon, Carrousel, Cassis (yummy!) and Loose Lips.

Does anyone have any Byredo experiences? Share below in the comments. Any other blackcurrant and/or berry fiends out there? Share in the comments as well!

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  1. This sounds good! I do love a good fruity fragrance, berries included. If it smells like REAL fruit and not "froot," as mals would put it. I haven't tried any Byredos so far, although Natalie from Another Perfume Blog sent me a vial of La Tulipe, so I'll try that one soon.

    1. I think it's "fruit" and not "froot" - that's an awesome one on the part of Mals! I honestly wanted to eat my arm in the best possible way. I think the cardamom adds a lovely dimension. I love cardamom, I carry around the bottle from my "pantry" (ok, it's a tiny cabinet - gotta love city kitchens) a sniff from it if I'm in a really foul mood.

      Please report back on how La Tulipe smells. I'm really tempted to blind order a candle. I'm about to need a new one for the bedroom.

  2. Also: as you know, I just started Season 4 of Gossip Girl. While I don't know that I HATE Serena, it is very enjoyable to see the turn of her not being the center of attention/the object of everyone's desire, FINALLY!!!

    1. As you keep watching (I think this may be how you end up feeling), you'll pull for her and then Serena will go all super crazy and you'll be totally team Blair. My big wish for Gossip Girl is for Dan to cut his damned hair! I find my self yelling that at the TV every week. :o)

      Now I want to go back and watch the first season. :o)

  3. We're clearly the equivalent of "Evil Scent Twins" when it comes to TV characters, since I love Mary on Downton Abbey and I like Serena too! ;)

    I think the Byredo line is overpriced, but I do like several of the ones I've tried, including Bal d'Afrique and Rose Noir. Pulp is the only one I've gone out of my way to obtain (in decant rather than full bottle form, natch).

    1. We very well may be "Evil Scent Twins"! Serena had SMALL glimmers of hope in my eyes at the beginning of the season, but now I think she's just acting desperate to get her "power" back. However, what I really want out of Gossip Girl, more than anything - as I was telling Susan - is for Lonely Boy to CUT HIS DAMNED HAIR!

      I must say though, Lady May - WAY more palatable in Season 2! Thank you Downton Abbey for COMPLETELY turning my days and nights around. :o)

      I've noticed that most of the perfume lines I like are overpriced. (Now what does that say about me....) I'm putting it on my full bottle list nonetheless....big anniversary coming up at the end of summer and birthday at the very beginning of fall. Perhaps SOMEONE will bite.

    2. I think all the characters have taken turns for the worse in this woefully written season, but over the course of the show, I like Serena, and I tend to think of S & B as a team rather than rivals. :)

      Have you dabbled much in the By Kilian line? I think it's my favorite of the majorly overpriced ones...

  4. You do have a point there. I just don't really understand S's antics in the past three episodes.

    YES! Liaisons Dangereuses has my heart! (I could only bring myself to buy the travel atomizer and refills) I'm also relatively happy with the rest of the line. Haven't tried the new Asian Tales though.