Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Going Camping! Eeerrr Cabining...

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Al and I have finally done it! We FINALLY planned out 10th Wedding Anniversary trip for late July / Early September!!! We won't be in any one place too long, but the longest we'll be somewhere is at a little cabin right on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains.

A few things...

1) Al and I aren't really the outdoorsy type. The city suits us. However, I now understand why people who actually live in the city get away to the "middle of nowhere". (Granted, I've seen and vacationed with my family actually IN the middle of nowhere. People from the city really don't "vaca" in the "middle of nowhere".) This cabin is not in the "middle of nowhere", if you can drive to it, it's actually "somewhere".

2) I didn't always understand why getting away from the city into is appealing. Quietness, being away from it all, and not having everything at your finger tips all the time. I get it.  For this trip I want time and relaxation, not places to go and things to see.

3) We won't exactly be "roughing it" - there's there running water and indoor plumbing! ;-) Along with wifi, satellite TV, a gas grill AND a jacuzzi on the outdoor deck.

Hopefully we'll get to see something cool like this, but from a distance.
There's just one little problem; I really don't know what I want to do perfume wise!!! Outdoorsy and woodsy scents just aren't really my corner of the fragrance world. I mean, I don't really want to smell like bark and civet, but perhaps something evocative or complimentary to the great outdoors (particularly the part of the great outdoors that I'm going to be hanging out in.)

I just want to fit in with my surroundings. I really don't think this is an occasion for my beloved Une Rose Vermeille.

Thoughts anyone? Someone point me in a direction! (I'd honestly be thrilled to go with a natural perfumer for this.) It'll be rather warm, so it can't be too heavy handed of a scent. Also, it need to have husband appeal. I don't want Al to hate how I'm smelling for a good part of our Anniversary getaway.

Anyone love scents of this genre? Have some thoughts on the subject? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I recently went hiking in LADDM (I hope you know what that is so I don't have to look up the spelling) and it suited the outdoors wonderfully. I think incense in general is a good match -- e.g. YSL Nu or SSS Incense Pure.

  2. Is this acronym you speak of a Tauer? Then I know what you're speaking of, though I haven't tried. But I see how it could work. I also wonder about his Reverie au Jardin and the Verdant Pentachord.

    I wonder when SSS's Forest Walk will be out!

  3. I'm not an outdoorsy type either. But if I had to take something with me on such trip (running water provided) I'd choose Tea fo Two (L'Artisan), Trefle Pur (Atelier Cologne), Brin de Reglisse, Rose Ikebana and Un Jardin sur Le Nil (any other of the Gardens would also work, as well as any of Hermessenses).

  4. There is running water! :-) That was a condition on BOTH of our parts. I'll have to check out the Atelier. I know SOME of the Gardens. Re Ikebana is Rose city on me, and not in a way I PARTICULARLY cared for. I love Tea for skin eats it, though. :-/