Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's My Birthday.....Yaaaaaaaay!

**Happy birthday Dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5, Happy birthday Dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5, Happy birthday Dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5, Happy birthday to you!**

Today my humble little blog turns one year old! Many thanks to all of you who have read and encouraged me along the way. I've learned way more about perfume and fragrance than I ever imagined in past year, plus I've made online friends with some really awesome people!

Due to work/life schedules my "real" Birthday post won't be up until tomorrow, but I did want to commemorate the day you get a kitty! Also, if you haven' how it all started with No Disassemble Charlie No. 5's very first post!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

*Oh Advent Wreath / Oh Advent Wreath*

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Part 1 of Scented Holiday Traditions Around The World

I went w/ ||: Oh Advent Wreath :|| rather than ||: Oh Christmas Tree :|| because...well...our Christmas tree is not scented in the least. We had (I think at my request) Advent Wreaths in the house for several years growing up. (If it had anything to do with ceremony and ritual, I was all for it!) As advent wreaths are more traditionally German/Lutheran, I wanted to do one for Al. His mother's maiden name was Hoffman, and he pulls PRETTY strongly from the part of the gene pool. My maternal grandmothers was born a Wiltz, but that part of me heritage doesn't pull that strong within me as some other portions of my DNA.

As you can see, this is Advent Wreath: Loosely Interrupted. There's supposed to be an evergreen wreath the symbolize Jesus' everlasting life and love for all of us. I'm sure you're thinking, "But Kathleen! There's no wreath OR evergreens. What gives!?!?!" I'm not smirking Jesus' love... Actually religious side bar: I think Jesus is WAY more of a shape shifter than we realize. I think He makes the Trinity look like child's play. Think much, MUCH more globally!! OK, end of my religious rant.

The ornaments are circles - so therefor un-ending. Also, the tray that everything is on was a wedding present from one of Al's college friends. HAHA! How's THAT for forever and ever and ever and  ever and oh you get my point. At first it held all my perfumes (didn't take long to outgrown that), then it's been on our entryway table holding keys and what not, now ADVENT WREATH! For the evergreen scent, I turned to the candles. All four white candles are Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works.

Speaking of the candles. There are supposed to be four for each Sunday of Advent and then the Christ Candle that is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I went with Bath and Body Work's Tis the Season for the Christ candle. (I really wanted something red!)

I was raised (I think the Catholic church started doing it this way) with the candles being purple, purple, pink, white. Why? I'm not entirely sure. I do however LOVE the symbolism of the candle each week.

Week 1: The Prophesy Candle or Candle of Hope

Week 2: The Bethlehem Candle or Candle of Preparation

Week 3: The Shepherd Candle or Candle of Joy

Week 4: The Angel Candle or Candle of Love

Christ Candle: Yay Baby Jesus!

Do you keep an advent wreath in your home during the holidays? Have any sniffarific holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments! AAAAAAAAND stay turned. No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 turns a year old in the next post!

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