Friday, June 29, 2012

Take This Job and Shove It! I Mean...Congrats Mom!

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I was all set to sit down and type out Comfort 101 - Part 2, to go with the relatively non-perfume centric Comfort 101 - Part from yesterday....and then it hit me: MUST BLOG ABOUT MOM'S RETIREMENT TODAY! Yes dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 readers, today is the day that my Mom officially tells the world to "take this job and shove it!!!!!!"

Mom's worked for the State of Texas in some form or another in pretty much all of her working career. Before I was born she worked for the State in both Food Stamps and Day Care Licensing (which is why my sister and I never spent one hour in day care). Once I was born, Mom stayed at home with me - and then my sister - until I think my sister was about six. She then went back to work for the Lamar University System: first starting at one of the small two year schools as coordinator for the Job Partnership Training Act. Once that grant ran out she did testing, then transferred to another of the two year branches to do advising, then finishing back at testing. My Mom is literally the nicest person, like.....EVER! I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying working with her. Although, I'm pretty sure in my Mom's brain - she's had some 9 to 5 like mental fantasies! (You know, where the animated woodland creatures help them kill their boss and Lily Tomlin is dressed up like Snow White?)

I asked my Mom what she was going to do in her retirement, like what hobbies she was looking forward to enjoying. She really didn't have any clue; she's honestly spent so much of her time doing for others, it'll be really nice for her to have some time just to have for her! I've already been on my Dad - where I can interject it into the conversation - that he needs to allow Mom to have the time and space to ENJOY her retirement! I have this secret hope (OK, not so secret NOW) that I'll send her enough obscure perfume samples that she can't readily access in SETX, and she'll develop fume-head-esque tendencies and she"ll fly up here and we'll frolic around Boston and NYC on perfume filled adventures! OK...a gal can dream!

In my Mom's honor, I'll be digging out my sample of Cashmere Mist to wear today. It really reminds me of my mother for some reason. You can head all about it in my review, here! Mom...if you're reading (and I know you are, because you're about to be emailed this link) CONGRATS! Enjoy your day! I've mailed you presents, which you will be given in due time! ;-) But most importantly....enjoy telling them all to...... (Everybody sing now...)

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comfort 101 - Part 1

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I'm back, and probably not better than ever, but the important thing is: I'm back! Thanks to all the sweet messages and stuff from everyone. Perfume People are Good People, but that's another blog for another day.

Yes...I freakin' hate the dentist...a lot. Like, a completely irrational hate. I'd like to say, "it's all over now", but it's not... I'll get everything taken care of, but this isn't It's FREAKIN' PERFUME BLOG! (Today's No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 is brought to you by the work "freakin'".)

Today we're talking comfort. Particularly comfort perfumes, but here are some things I find comforting in general:

1) Mashed Potatoes
2) Ginger
3) Harry Potter
4) The smell of vanilla.

Over the past week, I've had enough mashed potatoes for quite some time, but seriously WHO doesn't feel comforted after eating a big, creamy bowl of mashed potatoes? Well, I guess if you're allergic to potatoes, but really who's allergic to potatoes? Or if you're Lactose Intolerant... Well, OK...I love mashed potatoes and find them insanely comforting.

Then there's ginger. I find its spicy sweet fragrance to be comforting. Then there's ginger-ale. I crave it when I'm sick. Bubbly to settle the stomach but not too spicy. Sadly, soda post dental work isn't the best idea for healing, so I didn't really get to utilize that. The Bath and Body works Orange Ginger Body Wash has brought me comfort in some times of GREAT stress. (Another story, another time.) Needless to say, I try to save that one for when I really need the big guns. Oh, Bath and Body works...I really liked the old packaging better!

Then there's Harry Freakin' Potter! I'm a Harry Potter Fan Girl! (Yes, I realize this makes me sound all of about 15, but I don't care.) I started reading the Harry Potter books at probably what was the darkest time in my life, when I just wanted to fall into another world. It was something that I could read quickly and easily, but feel quite emotionally invested in. The were a WONDERFUL source of escapism. I needed something to escape from where I was, but needed to be where I was to get out of that dark space I was in. That chapter in my life passed, but I was still a total Potterhead. Yep, Al and I were those crazy people who pre-ordered TWO copies of the final book, picked it up at midnight, and sat in separate rooms of our apartment reading it until finished. Yes. We are THOSE people!

Whenever I don't feel well, I tend to gravitate towards watching the Harry Potter movies on DVD. I tend to always skip the second movie. Once you know the entire story, that one just seams to be a little pointless in movie form and it moves quite slowly. For the record. My favorite scene in both the books and the movies is the scene about the Sorting Ceremony. Sorting my friend!

This time I decided to mix things up a bit. A while back I had watched Team Starkid's A Very Potter Musical, which I found to be quite funny. Monday evening I decided to start watching A Very Potter Sequel, which I find to be HYSTERICALLY HILARIOUS! OMG UMBRIDGE!

Yes, I caught myself on the T yesterday as I rode into work singing along to "I'm Harry Freakin' Potter" - yep, I'm that "kid"!

Seriously, if you haven't watched it; scroll to 6m15sec, and watch. You'll be hooked!

I'm going to make "Comfort 101" a two-parter. I've rambled long enough, tomorrow I'll ACTUALLY talk about perfume. (Well, I DID talk about the smell of ginger.) However, what all I talked about today opens us up to a lot of fun discussion. What are your go to comfort givers? Harry Potter person? Discuss in the comments with me!

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Friday, June 22, 2012

We'll Be Back - After This Unscheduled Break

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OK dear, darling readers; I'm going to be taking a little break until at least Tuesday. My teeth/oral surgery thing is turning a little more drawn out than originally anticipated. I really don't feel like doing any extra sniffing, (I'm sticking with those things that I find insanely comforting) plus my writing just isn't really all that good night now. I'll be sticking to lots of mashed potatoes, Italian Ice, West Wing and Harry Potter. Also, I've recently become obsessed with the New England Aquarium's Tumblr.

In the meantime, if you don't already (and you REALLY want to follow my crazy/mundane little life), you can follow/stalk me on twitter and instagram at klhood123. Please feel free to leave me your life and weekend plans in scent in the comments. Also curious to learn of the fragrances everyone gravitates towards when they're feeling physically down. Keep me company in the comments, y'all!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Y'all Said It Was OK!

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Scents of Self, Emily's Going Nuts, and Undina's Looking Glass said it was OK, so here we go....

I love the smell of vanilla when I don't feel well. That is all. Actually not; even though the situations are different, I sympathize with C.J. in this episode of The West Wing. COME ON MONDAY & GO GO GADGET ANTIBIOTICS!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fetch Me My Smelling Salts

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I hear ya Aunt Pittypat!
"I'll take weird and worrisome weeks for $1,000, Alex." Yeah...story of my week, and it's only Wednesday. Thankfully things should be really looking up from here, but I wanted to share a funny - yet oddly stinky - story from Monday.

Summertime in Boston ushers in many things: great people watching, lifted mood due to everyone getting adequate sun exposure, and the perma-stank of the MBTA that won't really lift until after Move In Weekend at the beginning of September.

What happened on the T this particular ride, FAR EXCEEDED perma-stank status. I was about 8-ish stops into my trip when I man gets on the T, completely clean looking who REEKED OF SKUNK! He walks past me, into another car...BUT I CAN STILL FLIPPIN' SMELL HIM!

I dive my hand into my over-sized and over-priced handbag to fetch my little zip up bag that holds my pocket knife, AZ-O Standard, and whatever perfume I'm carrying at any given moment. Usually it's two solids, a travel spray and multiple samples. This day was no exception; Vanillary to the rescue!

Stay strong vanilla protector, stay strong!
It was almost comical how much I was sniffing this perfume as I sat there riding the subway. Much like in days of old ladies would reach for their smelling salts to keep from fainting. I mean, I was pretty damned close to passing out from the smell. I really do wonder if this man had been sprayed by a skunk - I mean, who gets on the train after you've been sprayed by a skunk - James (of Bartles and James) thinks it may have just been really cheap weed. Given the neighborhood the odoriferous offender boarded the T, I think she just may be right!

Anyone ever been in a similar situation? How did you cope? Share with me in the comment, please!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emotional Bolstering: Right Here Right Now

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I had a flat out unpleasant day yesterday. Many things contributed to it, but my day did not go as planned. I knew there was a particularly sticky situation that I was going to have to deal with in the evening. When picking my evening scent I thought to myself, "Pick something you don't love too much, because if you evening SUPER SUCKS you're going to end up hating it."

Conundrum time.... If I wear something I'm lukewarm about, then I'll just fell blah, and that won't work. OK...hmmm..."Think, Kathleen. Think." I immediately rule out Liaisons Dangereuses, Une Rose Vermeille and Sexy Graffiti because of my strong emotional love for them. By Kilian's Cruel Intentions for shear hilarity of naming irony? No. That's bitchy, even for me. (Plus, that's on the short list for a dear friend's upcoming birthday and that would just RUIN that gift.)

I then narrowed it down between Byredo's Pulp (i.e. "beating the conflict to a pulp") and Dior's J'Adore (my long time "Can't hold me down" perfume of choice for 10+ years - PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FORMULATION, I BEG OF YOU!) Pulp is on my "Full Bottle Wanted" list, so - best not to potentially ruin my love for that one: and since my track record with J'Adore is time tested, I decided to go with J'Adore.

Later this whole process got me thinking: I was wearing perfume as some soft of emotional armor. An olfactory chain link protection around my soul. In that situation it really didn't matter to me if anyone thought I smelled "nice", it was all about how the smell made me feel, and feel in that moment. Granted there are years of background with J'Adore and I, but you have to run safety test on bullet proof vests before you give them to the cops, right?

I know so much of what I write about in this blog is, "perfume for this place or that premeditated situation" or "perfume that evokes this memory" or "perfume that smells like when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars". It's all from a rather premeditated perspective. Life isn't really like that. It's MUCH more on the fly. 

In real life, on a day to day basis, I really think that much of our perfume choices are made in the "Emotional Bolstering" sort of way, the emotions may not just be as heightened as they were for me yesterday. Somewhere between functional fine art and actually aroma-therapy (I make this different from "aromatherapy"). To me the beautiful and mysterious part about perfume is that it strikes a balance somewhere between emotional armor and olfactory witchcraft.

Thoughts? Discuss in the Comments.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Suds of the Father

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Sunday is Father's Day. That makes it time to write about the one immediate family member I haven't written about: my Dad.

To say that my Dad is a character would be an understatement. When I think of the cast of characters that populate my life, my Dad is certainly the Character of Characters. He thinks he's both the Ultimate Boy Scout and the Original Cowboy. I feel that every new person I bring into my life must be given a crash course in dealing with my father. You never quite know what you're gonna get, but he's my Dad and I love him.

Being as that this is a perfume/fragrance blog, it's a little difficult to write about my Dad through a perfumey/fragrance lense, as I've NEVER seen anything but bottles of Stetson or Old Spice on his dresser. Then is occurred to me, you know what has fragrance in it...shampoo! That's something that I've NEVER seen my Dad use (OK - I did not mean that in a creepy sort of way at all), SHAMPOO!

The reason that I've never seen so much as a bottle of shampoo go into my father's shower, is that my Dad doesn't use shampoo. EVER! He has a strange affinity for soap, and that's where the hilarity/completely awkward stories ensue.

I must have been somewhere between 10 and 12. I decided in my adolescent good-sense-less-ness that it would be a good idea to be like Dad and shampoo my hair with soap. There were two bars of soap in the shower that were "Dad's" 1) Irish Spring and 2) Lava. Logic dictates that one would wash their hair and face with Irish Spring and everything else with Lava. No, not Kathleen! I don't know if I was trying to prove a point in my adolescent mind or if I was just being a little shit, but I washed my hair with Lava. (I'm sure the pumice in there did WONDERS for my hair!)

After I was done with my shower and dressed in what I'm SURE was a silky pink night gown, I walked into the living room to be greeted by this conversation...

Mom: "What's in your hair?

Me: "Umm...the rest of my hair?"

Mom: "NO! There's little grey bits in there."

Me: "Oh, I didn't use shampoo. I used soap like Dad!"

*Mom glares at Dad*

Dad: "Which soap did you use?"

Me, "Your soap, Dad."

Dad: "Which one? There are two, Kathleen!"

Me: "Lava. The scratchy one. You have it outside too, by the garden hose."


Me: "Yeah....?"


Fast forward a good chunk of time and myself being firmly in adulthood to this past Christmas. By this point my Dad's full, thick, coarse head of hair is now completely grey and finally start to thin a little. I thought I was the smartest damned daughter EVER and have him LUSH's New Shampoo Bar. (I mean the man IS starting to thin out up top after all.) I was pretty smug - it's a solid, and it's proper shampoo. HAHA! I WIN!

No. Not so much.

I had also bought my husband LUSH's Soak and Float Shampoo Bar. He's a bit on the dry and itchy side, so it was the perfect choice for him.

I walked through the dining area just as my father was sniffing around my husband's head. (I found this to be odd behavior, even by my Dad's standards.) I guess this is a good time to mention that Soak and Float has cade oil in it, which smells like a cross between camp fire and beef jerky. I'm sure you can see where this is going....

Dad: *sniff. sniff* "I smell campfire and smoke! What the Hell smells like campfire and smoke?"

Me: "Dad! Stop sniffing Al's head. That's really weird!"


Al: "John, it's the shampoo bar Kat got me for Christmas. She got you one too I believe."


(I guess this is a good time to mention that my Dad has quite a pronounced Southern drawl, coupled with a pseudo-lisp as a result of having part of his tongue removed as a result of tongue cancer two or so years ago. When he raises his voice even just a little now, I can't help but giggle. I realize, this may make me a COMPLETELY HORRIBLE PERSON. Him raising his voice used to make me quake in fear, and now all a do is giggle. The world works in mysteriously ways, even though you probably think I'm going to Hell.)

Me: *silencing the giggles* "Because yours smells like cinnamon, Dad."

Dad: "I want the one that smells like campfire! I'm the Original Cowboy!"

*Al gets up and leaves the room* (Smart man)

Me: "OK, but Dad...I got you the cinnamon one because you're hair is starting to thin a little, you know...and it'll help with that."

Dad: "But I'm still a Cowboy!"

Me: "Sure Dad. You're still a Cowboy..."

If I didn't think it would be a TOTAL waste of money, I'd buy the man Lonestar Memories. Maybe a decant for Christmas.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gaga vs Gomez: Perfume Bottle Deathmatch

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I WAS going to write a review of Etat Libre d'Orange's darkly delicious Rossy de Palma, but today's post literally came to me in a dream. A dream so bizarre that I feel the need to point out that I don't do drugs! I blame it on the salsa that I ate right before going to bed. See...old enough to know I should know better...

Yesterday - or maybe it was day before yesterday - the bottle ,as well as the "notes", for Lady Gaga's fragrance Fame was leaked. The "notes" being "Tears of Belladonna, Crushed heart of Tiger Orchidea, With a black veil of Incense, Pulverise Apricot, And the combinative essences of Saffron and Honey Drops."'s the bottle. 

Look closely, and you can see Gaga's iPhone reflected in the bottle and the packaging.
The actual juice of Fame is apparently "black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne." Can someone more connected and/or smarter than I please tell me the release date for Fame and what retailers will be carrying it? I KNOW I'll have to get a bottle; I just know me WAY to well!

Then there's the bottle for Selena Gomez's debut scent Selena Gomez. It's available at Macy's. I'll just post the picture. It was released last month, so really that new is SOOOO one month ago!

Get ready to take a trip. Once again, I feel the need to tell you: I don't do drugs! As it was a dream, there are a few details that are a tad fuzzy, but here we go....

I've always wanted the wires holding the lips up on the Gomez bottle to be flexible so the lips can bob and weave around, a-la a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. This comes true in my dream as the Fame bottle swirls up to the Selena Gomez bottle, sort of like a tipsy Whirling Dervish; the Fame cap leaps off and starts head-butting the top of the cab of Gomez, sending the lips bobbing  all over the place.

The lips are crafted as itty bitty Mylar balloons. (Frankly, to me they look like they belong on a Lisa Frank folder or something.) The Fame cab turns upside down and starts popping the lips w/ it's sharp "claw tips." Is Fame a Fame Monster? Maybe.

The carnage continues as the flowing looking purple glass of the Gomez bottle turns to purple chiffon the the Fame claw cap slides down, completely ripping the bottle the shreds. Torn pieces of purple chiffon, deflated Mylar lips clinging to swaying silver sticks and a somewhat unscathed gold cap lay helpless in a pile of carnage as the Fame claw cap walking its way back to the Mother-ship bottle-egg-pod, hopes back to its place and tipsily Whirling Dervishes away.

Only thing that could have made this dream better would have been if it had taken place in Claymation.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blind Buys

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Three days ago I did something I NEVER do. I blind bought some perfume. Well, maybe it's a half truth, let me explain...

It's getting to be that time of year where I'm craving more "beachy" or "tropical" fragrances. I had been intending on picking up a bottle of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess (and I still might, although the website says it's out of stock - maybe not in the store), but after wearing a my sample of Gorilla Perfume's Ladyboy; I forgot how much I LOVED it on me and decided to order a bottle. O.K. I know, NOT a blind buy...


I also put in an order for their limited edition Yuzu & Cocoa Perfume. Here's where I'm like, "well, it's sort of a blind buy..." Clearly I know what the Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon smells like, but it's not like I've rubbed the thing on my skin to see how the oils would ACT on my skin as a perfume. That's why I'm calling it a blind buy!

What do y'all think? True blind buy? What's your personal blind buy policy? Any big hits or misses? Tell me about them in the comments, please!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For The Manta Ray: CB I Hate Perfume's Ocean / Eternal Return

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It's Manta Ray time! Just in case you didn't know, I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that I'm going to be a Manta Ray in my next time. I mean...come on! You get to fly both in and out of the water: HOW F'ING BOSS IS THAT!?!?!?

I've been writing quit a bit about marine animals and perfume this summer. You see, I had this dream where I was a Manta Ray and my two best friends were a Narwhal and Sea Turtle. Upon waking up I realized that the Non Nordic Avocado was the Narwhal and Dear Friend was the Sea Turtle. In my quest for the perfect "Manta Ray Perfume" I came across the perfect scents for both the Narwhal and the Sea Turtle. The Narwhal got Lutens' new-ish L'Eau Froide and The Sea Turtle got Profumum's Aqua Di Sale.

 But what for the Manta Ray? I wanted my "Manta Ray Perfume" to be something effortless and light, as well poetically evocative of it's oceanic habitat. This is why I went with CB I Hate Perfume's Ocean / Eternal Return. Plus I really, REALLY found the name to perfectly conjure the feelings one would want for a perfume to evoke the creature that on wants to be in their next life to wear in their current life. (Most. Convoluted. Sentence. EVER!)

While it smells very "real" - it's not "photo-realistic" - if that makes sense. To me it smells like a dream of being suspended in water clean all those clean and light fragrances just swimming past. Here's what the CB I Hate Perfume website has to say:

Eternal Return is the scent of sailing toward the shore. It is a blend of Fresh Ocean Air, Wooden Ship and a faint hint of Cypress Trees growing on the cliff above the water...

I don't get above the water, I get IN the water. I really think it's because that's what I want to smell. The faint bit of cypress goes slightly sweet on me which I enjoy, and the "fresh ocean air" isn't very salty.  Just a hint. My only qualm is that Ocean / Eternal Return is a tad fleeting, but I do understand given the light nature off and light hand in which the notes are used. All in all, my perfect Manta fragrance.

Oh, by this way, I have the sample in the absolute rather than the water perfume. Does anyone have any thoughts or preferences on the to in CB's line?

In Manta Ray related news, I've had the itch recently for a new tattoo and I'm very seriously thinking of getting a Manta one! I already have three - which you have to know me PRETTY WELL to see them. I never get anything ginormous and they always have significance to me. I'm thinking of gifting the Manta Ray tattoo to myself for my birthday in early September, when I will once again be turning "Old Enough To Know I Should Know Better."


 Question time! Do you year or yearn any fragrances that make you think of your vision for the afterlife? Are you a tattoo person? If so, are they highly significant? (ooooohhhh....fragranced tattoo ink....) Comment below!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things"

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"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Since I normally work on the weekend, I'm pretty lazy on Monday if I have it off as well. Today I've been feeling extra lazy:

1) I'm saving my strength as I'm going to have raw oysters and other shenanigans tonight with DF and most likely NNA. (We'll I'll be having raw oysters, they can have whatever they want! Oh, the salt water in my veins is coursing strongly!)

 2) Saturday I pulled a muscle in my back, which meant no work. I would have spent the day barking at the very people that make my job possible. So I spent the day home on the couch hoped up on Tylenol with codeine, ate way too many cherry Italian ices (the only thing that sounded good), and watched a two hour documentary on Jimmy Carter, then Spice World, then Dirty Dancing. The husband was nice and got the heck out of my way, and spent the day playing in a Poker Tournament at Mohegan Sun. He returned with a Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar for my back and Godiva truffles for my tummy! (Complete with two of my ABSOLUTE favorite - key lime!)

The Musical Monday post I planned on writing today would have rounded out my Perfuming the Post series and wold have been HIGHLY emotional for me to write - which would have entailed tears on my part, and I just wasn't in to it today. Instead, I'm going to lead you to today's post on Scents of Self: The Definitive Guide to Perfume Bloggers' Cats. I think my "kids" are in very good company! :-) Ezra just meowed at me, asking if we could get him an agent. SHEESH!

Something else that's REALLY not perfume related. I'm going to an abnormal amount of concerts this summer. (For the purpose of this, "summer" ends when September does. I'm super stoked about them! They are, in order of them happening....
1) Reel Big Fish / Goldfinger
2) Scissor Sisters
3) James Taylor
4) Madonna
5) Dropkick Murphys

So, dear readers...any summer concerts you're attending? I guess I'll need to start thinking about what perfume to wear to all of these. Any suggestions? Please leave them for me in the comments!

I leave you with this video in honor of the oyster devouring I'll be tonight....

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Boston Bloggers June Meet & Greet + World Oceans Day

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So this post isn't really a "perfumy" post, but it is a post about my perfume blog (and World Oceans Day). Yesterday evening, Anthem Boston hosted the Boston Bloggers June Meet & Greet. As I blogged about earlier in the week, I was quite anxious - but, you'll be happy to know that I had a completely splendid time! (For the record, I ended up wearing Liaisons Dangereuses!)

Everyone was super nice and easy to talk to (hey I didn't get TOO MANY bizarre looks when I mentioned that I'm GOING to be a Manta Ray in my next life), and everyone seamed quite taken by the idea of a Perfume Blog. I feel like a bit of a dunce for not having business cards. (I think I'll be spending some time of Moo Cards website this weekend!) I did get pretty tickled when someone mentioned that I should get scented business cards - you the spirit of Elle Woods scented resume in Legally Blonde.

Wait, is that like...even possible?
I also noticed that I was the only woman (and it was actually mostly women) drinking scotch. This further leads to my dame-i-fication. <--- WEIRD WORD! I also have to say that I am having TOTAL accessory envy over The Boston Fashionista's vintage, I think Whiting and Davis, snake necklace. COVET, COVET, COVET!

Many thanks to Katy and Alison for putting together a fantastic event! I can't wait for the next one.

Now...on to World Oceans Day....

Harley Kitty was pretty freaking interested when I put on my Eternal Return this morning...

Mom! That smells like ocean...and ocean has the fishies in it...NOMZ!
So I'm a bit ocean obsessed. I freely admit it! Especially in the summer, the sea water in my veins seemingly gets quite a bit more concentrated. 

The website for World Oceans Day posted several blogs for bloggers to use today. Please give it a read. It gave me a lot to think about.

Have a fantastically smelly (in the way you like it) weekend, y'all!

Overfishing/Sustainable Seafood 

June 8th is World Oceans Day, the UN-designated day for the global community to celebrate and take action for our shared ocean. Whether you’re on a coastal city or far  inland, the water around you ends up in the ocean downstream. The ocean is the great connector—no matter what country you’re from, we’re all citizens of the ocean.

The world is eating more seafood than ever, and we’re pushing the ocean and its fish to the limit. According to the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of ocean species are overfished, and some types of commercial fishing catch up to seven times more unwanted fish than targeted species.
In honor of World Oceans Day, take action this June 8th to help fight overfishing!

Savor the seafood
Limit fish consumption to a few special meals a month and choose species that are abundant and fished or farmed with minimal harm to the surrounding environment. We can eat well and do good at the same time.

Make ocean-friendly choices 
Remember to eat locally caught species when possible. For those in the US, check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide or download the Seafood Watch app to find some sustainable seafood recommendations. You can also check out the international WWF’s seafood guides for global recommendations.

Choose your fish wisely
Eating fish is generally healthy but many fish species are contaminated with mercury and other pollutants. Children and pregnant women, in particular, should be extra careful when choosing seafood. Check KidSafeSeafood and be safe!

Buy from ethical companies; ask your local grocers and chefs to do the same

Vote with your wallet by supporting companies that show a real commitment to protecting the environment. Fish2Fork has a guide to ethical restaurants in several countries, and visit to link up sustainable buyers and sellers.

Make your voice heard!

Tell your political representatives that overfishing is an issue you can about, want them to act on, and you’ll vote on. Sign petitions, weigh in with opportunities for public comment, and email or write your representatives. You can also check out some organized movements addressing overfishing such as WWF’s More Fish campaign and Hugh’s Fish Fight! Take action online and in your community to raise awareness!

Cut down on your meat consumption

As much a third of the annual global catch is ‘forage fish’ which become fish meal—much of which is then used to raise cows, chickens and pigs in factory farms, as well as some aquacultured species, like farmed salmon. By cutting down on your meat consumption, you will reduce demand for these forage fish which are a vital component of the complex oceanic food web.

Screen a fish film

Film is a great way to spread the word about the overfishing problem. Consider showing a documentary such as The End of the Line at home, in your school, community center, or place of worship. There are hundreds of events being held all over the world, find one near you and celebrate with a purpose this World Oceans Day! You can also go the extra mile and organize an event yourself using ideas and free materials provided at!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart! (Ys Uzac)

*Current Fragrance: No perfume, but I did just finish taking a bath with LUSH's Sea Vegetable soap.
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I'll keep this relatively simple and to the point: I can't freaking wait to try perfumes from the Swiss line Ys Uzac! A perfume line done by a former symphonic cellist? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! This is something I can TOTALLY wrap my head around.

Mr. Micotti sums up his feelings on perfumery with an eloquently put quote:

“In perfume creation what fascinates me is the possibility to project the most abstract concepts into emotions yet remaining within an intangible artwork." 

 Eek! So well put! Thank you, thank you! No onto the juice...

Here are the scents in the order I want to try them:
1) Monodie - Modern Minimalism
2) Pohadka -  Individual Statement
3) Metaboles - Ultra Expressive
4) Lale - Air and Imagination

Has anyone tried any/all of the Ys Uzac line? If so, what were you impressions. If not, are you planning on trying them? What do you think of Mr. Micotti's mental portrait of perfumery? Discuss!

I will be ordering the samples from the second my pay check hit my account tomorrow. YAY!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Spritz Your Best Self In....

*Current Fragrance: Une Rose Vermeille from Tauer Perfumes
*Currently Listening: White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane spritz your best self out / you spritz your best self in / and you waft if all about / you do the Hokey Pokey and you waft yourself around / that's what it's all about...

 I thought about titling this post "Perfume That Makes You Feel Put Together" or "Perfumes to Put Your Best Self Forward" or "Fragrance For Nixing Social Anxiety" but no; I go with a Hokey Pokey pun. (Say THAT five times fast!) Perhaps it is a bit strange to blog about being a bit nervous about going to a blogging event, but oh well. Even though I am a pretty social person, I do deal with a smidge of social anxiety. Most of the time I just internalize it all and you'd never know it's going on. (I know...TOTALLY healthy, right!?!?) Well, except for today when the anxiety is manifesting itself in my bloggy ramblings.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to my first Boston Bloggers event. I'm actually very excited about it. OK, very anxiously excited about it. From what I can gather, it's a cocktail-y thing that will last a grand total of two hours. There are several facets of tomorrow that are swirling around in my head, but one is of the utmost importance: what perfume will I wear? (Hello...I'm a perfume blogger after all!)

I really want something that means something to me, says "me", and also "plays nice" in crowded social situations.  It would be great if other people noticed and loved it , but - as most of my perfume wearing is - way more about me than anyone else!

I'm leaning heavily towards my beloved Liaisons Dangereuses from By Kilian. It's sweet but not cloying, present with good tenacity but not - despite its name - a screamer (of the silage variety), and it really MEANS something to me. I'll be able fragrantly channel my Great Grandmother Wiltz, who is supposedly my Genetically Linked Soul Sister. The woman could pull off a fur pill box hat in the middle of July in sweltering SETX. With her conjured fragrance linked juju, I should be able deal with ANY situation. 

I should note that even though I do have some slight social anxiety, I'm not a complete pussy. I think it's really the fear of the unknown. Once I'm there, and realize that people aren't pointing and laughing at me from the moment I step in the joint, I'm TOTALLY fine!

What perfume(s) do you reach for when you need to put a little more pep in your step, or an extra shot of self confidence in your ego espresso? What fragrances make you feel like your most fabulous self? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who Knew Waves Could Smell So Good?

*Currently Fragrance: Eau Duelle from Diptyque
*Currently Listening: The Dragon Song from A Very Potter Musical

The view from the VERY END of the Long Wharf overlooking Boston Harbor. AKA - My favorite place in Boston.
Our fragrance filled lives aren't exclusively perfumed with "fine fragrance." Actually most of the time they're filled with "functional fragrance." This is an account of me unexpectedly finding a functional fragrance gem.

The Reed Making Warrior and I had plans to go have a picnic dinner (err...actually it was lunch) this past Friday at the end of the Long Wharf. I decided this outing would be the perfect time to debut a new hair style. Only problem being, I hadn't yet fixed my hair in this fashion. I wanted to go for some "beachy waves"; now I'm not going to bore your with ALL the styling details as this is NOT a beauty blog, but I will give you a few details. See, my hair is naturally curly, and I straighten it on an almost daily basis. Notice I said straighten, not wash and dry. That much labor sounds exhausting! Thankfully I have relatively coarse and dry hair.

When I tried to achieve the "beachy waves look" starting with wet hair, I actually ended up looking like I should have been an extra in the upcoming Baz Luhrmann adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Although, after seeing the trailer I honestly don't know what I think; hell, I'll still end up going to the theater to see it. I can't resist, I know myself too well. At least I know how I'll be wearing my hair...

Not exactly the look I was going for. James - of Bartles & James - has recently cut off her hair as well and suggested Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I figured...for six bucks at CVS, why the hell not? Applied onto dry and flat ironed hair it worked exactly the way I wanted!

But this really isn't supposed to be about "the product" (which I was VERY pleased with how it worked), it's all about THE SMELL! Oh, it was glorious. The perfect beachy scent in my mind. I totally wish it could be bottled. When I first started spraying, it was infatuation on first sniff! I kept spraying as a took the aroma in...until I could hear the plop, plop, plop of salty liquid on the floor. I had completely saturated one particular strand of my hair. OOPS!!!

The smells - to me - is THE perfect beach aroma. There's coconut, a smidgen of banana, salt and seaweed. It's like if Aqua di Sale and Bronze Goddess had a love child, and the baby was kissed on the forehead by its quirky uncle, who just happens to be Gorilla Perfume's Lady Boy. It's subdued salty tropical goodness at it's best. Plenty of coconut in there, but not so much that you want to put it in a blender with ice and drink it. (Paper umbrella would be mandatory in this hypothetical situation.) Seriously, they really should make this into a proper perfume. If not for the market, then just for me. Are you listening out there...people at Not Your Mother's? So thank you to James for the recommendation and thank you to the Reed Making Warrior for a lovely day by the water! (During the warmer months, the salt water in my veins becomes very pronounced!)

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Perfuming The Posy: Lincolnshire That Is (Mvt 5 - Lord Melbourne)

*Current Fragrance: Muscs Kublai Khan from Serge Lutens
*Currently Listening: Ironic (Acoustic version) by Alanis Morissette

It's a grey and rainy Musical Monday here at No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 Headquarters - and by "Headquarters" I mean me, sitting on my bed in my PJs with my laptop on a pillow. Let me get this off my chest before it sours this post: THIS WEATHER SUCKS! It has sucked for three days now, and will continue to suck for four more days after today. All this weather makes me want to do is stay in the bed, pull the covers over my head, and listen to acoustic Alanis, Jewel, Tori Amos or Celine Dion! (Aaaand now you know the music of my teenage/early '20's melancholy!) Even the cats have sensed my foul mood and are staying the f--- away.

Anyway, onto perfume and Percy...

Today I'll be "scenting" movement V (that means we've only got II left - which if my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE). If you need to play a bit of catch up, click on the corresponding links for Mvt I, Mvt III, Mvt IV, and Mvt VI.

Now, take a listen to Movement 5 - Lord Melbourne....

Fun fact: Never have I ever, EVER seen a female conduct this movement. Which actually have a lot to do with my feelings and how I scented this movement.

This movement has nads! There's no other way to say it. I used to think it was schizophrenic nads, but now I think its nads with a heart and even a bit of complexity.

In the beginning, both Lord Melbourne and Muscs Koublai Khan are the same: way too much. "Oh my god what is going on!?!?" At first sniff of  MKK I thought, "Oh my god it smells like ass, ACTUAL ASS. Actually DIRTY ass." OK, it smells like perfumey ass. Which is different from oh say...bathroom ass. OK I'm done talking about poo.

The initial animalesque hit is offensively strong for only a split second (if only we get get PEOPLE to behave the same way.) I really like how the Lutens website describes MKK: "a radiant fur" - I get it.

Sadly - for now; I have hope for the future of perfumery - a fragrance can't da capo the way a piece of music can. Once the top notes of the fragrance are done, they're done. So in MKK's case we have to stretch our imagination a little, but in Lord Melbourne's case we can be a bit more literal.

We all know guys like "Lord Melbourne" (Let me be clear here not the Lord Melbourne song that Grainger recorded, but the actual personification of what Lord Melbourne sounds like: and for purposes of this blog what MKK smells like.) He's full of that self confidence and swagger that would actually be a little sad if he wasn't so damned committed to it. You roll your eyes, because it's too much all the time. (Think of it in perfume terms: how much civet does one ACTUALLY want?) Here's the thing, Lord Melbourne actually isn't a civet monster. Maybe you want him to be one, so you can hate him, but people (and perfumes and music) just aren't that one dimensional. Sadly...or fortunately, the world just isn't wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

MKK jumps off it's civet-y platform pretty quickly. There's amber, there's some musc-y-ness of varying degrees, there's the wafting of opium dens (this is Koublia Khan we're talking about after all), it dries down to be warmly sensual and almost comforting. I couldn't help but thing, "WHAT THE HELL!? This was not what I was expecting, nor what I think I initially wanted, but I think I kinda like it..."

Muscs Koublia Khan takes a look at the whole person, just like we should with Lord Melbourne. I liked MKK way more than I was expecting to. It actually helped me see LM through new eyes. (Trust me, that's saying quite a lot - as I have some PRETTY STRONG OPINIONS concerning Lincolnshire Posy.) You can't judge a book by its cover, a perfume by its top notes and music is so much more than those initial strains.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Intimate Thoughts of Al Hood

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Al & the kids.
Happy Sunday evening dear readers! I hope you all had a fun and fragrance filled weekend. Just a quick little post to tell you that my darling husband has started his own blog. It's been a running joke from his best friend for quite some time now that the inner workings of Al's mind would make for an EXCELLENT sitcom, and I tend to agree. For the time being though, they'll be a blog!

Here's what Al says you can expect....

"...[E]xpect me to express my political opinions, my observations on life, pop culture, friends, family, Boston, Texas, North Carolina, sports, poker...and whatever I feel like.  You likely will NOT be reading anything about work, except in broad generalities.  The reason for this is simple: this is a public forum (my public forum, but public), and my job pays the bills. Thus, while I'm sure there are a lot of situations I could vent, talk, or ruminate on, I won't simply because I like getting a paycheck every two weeks...and I actually like where I work, too..."

I kinda wonder if my perfume "love" will be snarkily commented on. That would actually make me happy! :o) So pay Mr. Hood's blog a visit, if you will. Also, follow him on twitter, @albhood

See you all in the morning with a bright and shiny Musical Monday!

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

For The Sea Turtle: Aqua di Sale

*Current Fragrance: Urana's Tokyo Cafe' from Unity Cassel
*Currently Listening: Off To The Races by Lana Del Ray

Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! Yeah, yeah....I've explained in an earlier post that I'm COMPLETELY CONVINCED that I'm going to be a Manta Ray. Well, what's a Manta Ray to do with out her girlfriends!?!?! And yes, dear readers, it came to me in a dream....the Non-Nordic Avocado is going to come back as a Narwhal (L'Eau Froide please!) and Dear Friend will be joining the party as a Sea Turtle.

I thought I loved turtles. After all, the mascot of the band sorority I was in (fear not for my outside of the Music Building social life because I DID pledge a social sorority....although the band one brought me more adventures...) was the turtle. However, Dear Friend / Future Sea Turtle REALLY loves turtles. She kinda squeals and "aaawwwsss" at the same time when she sees them. (Then again, I call the turtle "friend" and talk to him/her as he/she swims by like we're long lost friends...then again, I'm a little cray cray!") By the way, did you know that sea turtles like brussel sprouts?!?! Well, they do! At least the ones at the New England Aquarium do!

Just like being a narwhal really fits the Non-Nordic Avocado, I really think being a sea turtle fits Dear Friend. A bit of a shell on the outside that protects her from harm, but on the inside...all soft and squishy; all in all totally adorable. The question begs to be asked, what kind of "aquatic" fragrance would a sea turtle wear? I settled on Aqua di Sale from Roman perfume house Profumum.

Aqua di Sale smells like what I imagine and hope (in a dreamlike alternate universe) what a female sea turtle's shell smells like as she is headed back to the surf after laying her eggs on some beautiful sandy beach.

***Side bar - For some reason I feel the need to be smoking a clove cigarette while writing this post. WEIRD, HUH? Maybe it's the music I'm listening to....

Smile, DAMN IT!!!
Back to Aqua di Sale! I figured since sea turtles spend YEARS swimming all over the ocean, their shell would have acquired a rather briny smell. In my fantasy land it's not tempered with dead fish guts and whale Aqua di Sale / Turtle land, there's myrtle, cedarwood and marine algae in addition to the caked on and dried out sea water on that turtle shell. (And in No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 land, there - for tonight anyway - is no traditional sentence structure. I blame the Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka; but it's seriously good y'all, you should buy a bottle!)

The best way I can describe Aqua di Sale is the following: if Bronze Goddess is a day at the beach, then Aqua di Sale IS the beach.

One of my favorite things about Aqua di Sale is the consistency. It's got some, well for lack of a better term, heft. It's seriously viscous, but in a good way. I think it accompanies the briny quality of the juice very well. Perhaps it's an odd observation, but I like it.

Sadly, Aqua di Sale is the most pricey of the aquatics I've been trying at $240/100ml. I guess that appropriate, given Dear Friend / Sea Turtle's taste! If this ends up being "the one" on my aquatics quest, I'll be getting a small decant.

Now, back to my Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka. It's Saturday night after all!

Aqua di Sale is Thing 1 approved
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