Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fragrance For My Next Life As A Manta Ray

*Current Fragrance: Hamptons by Bond No. 9
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For as much as I love all things water related, you'd think I'd been born under a water sign. Perhaps I need to do my full astrological chart to find out something more about this. (As I said yesterday I'm a Virgo/Leo cusp - technically I'm a Virgo, had I been born on time I would have been a Leo: but that's a differently perfuming issue.)

Yes...I LOVE the water! As a young girl, my Mom couldn't get me out of the tub or pool (dependent upon the season). You know that moment when your ears go from "normal world" to "water world": that moment where all the noise of the world is replaced by that super peaceful water swirling sound? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

When I am stressed or unsettled for whatever reason, I tend to seek out documentaries about oceanic life. I always find out something super cool. Most recent cool discovery, the Blanket Octopus.

Craving this kind of serenity for my next life, I've decided that I'm going to come back as a Manta Ray. They're the gorgeous kind of birds of the sea - in my mind - and I don't think anyone really f-s with them all that much.

Something Tells Me We Are Gonna Be Friends

Now, to prepare for my next life (which I DON'T anticipate starting any time soon, so all my friends that are getting paranoid can calm down) as well as more into lighter scents for summer. I need to start exploring more Aquatic/Marine/Oceanic scents. Does anyone have any favorites? I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown Beach (which I love, it's ALMOST too "sandy", as well as I wish I had more staying power), and I'm really enjoying Bond No. 9's Hamptons reading the note list, I'm not really understanding what I'm picking up as being especially "aquatic", but I like it a lot.

I'm all set on what I like to call "Sun & Fun" scents, as coconut truly makes me heart sing and I can't WAIT to pick up my much needed bottle of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess! By the way, if you're looking for "Bikini Perfume" you should read today's Scents of Self!

So, dear fragra-maniacs, I am taking suggestions as this is a portion of the fume world I'm a quite unfamiliar with, but looking forward to exploring. What are some of your favorite Aquatic/Marine/Oceanic scents and/or which ones do you think I may especially find attractive? Any help is THOROUGHLY appreciated.

While you think...contemplate how AWESOME my next life is going to be as you watch this video....

Now, time for me to hit up Netflix for more Oceanic Documentaries....

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  1. This post makes me so happy! Oh, my mantas. I don't have any aquatic recommendations, but I do think we should start a campaign to make CB I Hate Perfume capture the scent of a manta ray tank.

  2. Do you like greens? I keep seeing reviews of Roxana Illuminated Perfume Green Witch and that sound very oceany in an intense green way.

    Aquatic scents I like- I have a secret weakness for Jennifer Lopez Deseo and Bath and Body Works PS I Love You (now discontinued but I bet you can find it on eBay)...

    1. I feel horribly for missing this! I looked the the Green Witch...I wish I could find a way to sample it. Am I missing the way to do it? I'll have to check out Deseo. I remember PS I Love You...kind of like if water were pink, if I'm remembering correct??

    2. I missed your reply!

      Roxana sells samples on Etsy:

      PS I Love You Spring Fling smells EXACTLY like if water were pink, yes! That's such a good way to put it. I'm sure most would hate it, but I love it - I'm wearing it today.

      I could send you some Deseo if you want - it's kind of an aquatic - woody. Let me know if you want it - somerrss at gmail dot com.

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  3. Late to the party but I love Heeley Sel Marin, and Profumum Acqua di Sale isn't half bad either.

    1. I'll have to look into the Heeley! How is it on the skin? The mint-y Heeley I tried was insanely fleeting. I have a sample of Acqua di Sale, I just haven't had a chance to put it on my skin yet. Though it does smell great in the vial.