Friday, April 6, 2012

Perfumes to Help Calm the F#$K Down!

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I used to be a highly stressed individual, but not SO much anymore. (Please do not confuse stress with snark. You can pry the snark from my cold, dead hands.) I've turned into the person that tells others to "calm the f#(K down." Well, until today...when I was one the phone with CVS Caremark trying to get some things settled with some of my prescriptions. 

There are a few things you should know: 1) This was the THIRD phone call about this, and the first one I made...because 2) I'm not allowed to general make phone calls about this. These are simple problems that can be fixed easily, and my patience diminishes very quickly I, and generally end up yelling at some unsuspecting soul. (Yes. I realize this is horrible behavior.)

Today I did not yet, but this little gem came out of my mouth, "I mean, I don't HAVE a thyroid. So this medicine is you know, keeping me ALIVE.... And I don't see myself spontaneously growing a thyroid or magically become un-allergic to generic Synthroid...well...EVER. Is a yearly note saying this really necessary?"

Hopefully they get the message. We've tried nice. We've tried stern. We've tried wonky humor.

Handing up I thought, I need a to spritz one something to CALM THE F DOWN! I generally go for two notes when I'm stressed: mint and tea. They're soothing and remind me of zero stress times from my childhood. Normally it would be Bath and Body Works White Tea and Ginger Body Splash. It's my favorite B&BW scent...EVER. Since Moving to Boston, I can remember going through at least 5 bottles of the spray. Once always lives in the refrigerator, but today I went for Olivier Durbano's Jade; one of my current "must get a full bottle obsessions."

I plan on doing a full review of Jade next week, but for now - I'll just let you salivate over the note list via green tea, star anise, mint, cardamom, iris, jasmine, Chinese cinnamon, amber, patchouli, vetiver, moss, musk, immortale, mathé. 

It's doing it's job, because I'm back to my wonderfully snarky self! 

So I ask you, dear readers: What notes or particular 'fumes help you "calm the f#(k down"?

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  1. Just out of curiosity: is it really that hard to get a yearly note? I understand the frustration but it's just a system imperfection: they haven't built it into the database somewhere a check box for unreversable conditions. I heard that people who needed something related to the lost limbs were required to submit again and again a paperwork proving they hadn't grown those back since the previous calendar year. And there is no sense yelling at the nobody on the other end of the phone line: they usually can't make any decision, they are just an interface between a computer that tells them Yes or No and you. Moreover, they are so small and insignificant that they don't have a luxury of choosing who to work for - so even if they think the script is stupid they still have to follow it.

    To a more pleasant subject of perfumes. Since I wear a perfume most time of my life I get angree/annoyed/agitated and then have to calm down wearing whatever perfume I'm wearing at the moment. So I don't have any "calm down" perfumes. But I might occasionally use lavender oil when I have an insomnia. I have no idea if it actually works but I assigned it to work - and I think that it does. :)

    1. It's actually turning out that it IS that hard to get a yearly note. Correction, it is that hard to get the insurance company to properly enter into the computer that my Dr.'s office has sent this note. :-/ This has been going on for over a month and every time I talk with someone it's like starting over at square one no matter what I do. :-( I had no notice that this was happening, I just all of a sudden started paying the name brand price. It hadn't been an issue for the...coming up on Marathon Monday for the three years since I had my thyroid removed. I didn't yell this time, which is progress for me. I just used tons of snark.

      My biggest frustration is I was given no heads-up. Luckily I'm able to afford the extra $$ out of pocket and will hopefully recoup the extra out of pocket expense, but what if I were on an extremely fixed income what would I have done: not paid rent, not taken the drugs, or broke out in potentially very dangerous rash?

      On to perfumes! Lavender on its own tents to go a tad too medicinal on me. I know that mint isn't exactly supposed to be "relaxing" from an aromatherapy standpoint, but it totally works for me. Maybe it's the nausea that it works on for me. :o)

  2. once i've reached a certain level, nearly nothing calms me down except time, but honeysuckle has been known to helper alter a semi-peeved mood.

    1. Sister! Yay for reading! I think honeysuckle for you, is like mint and tea for's connected to a really peaceful childhood memory. I'm always on the look-out for a fun new honeysuckle for you. :-D

  3. For me it's vanillas and roses :) I wish I could remember what rose scent I liked so much when I was young...something by Yardley?

    I would LOVE to find another tea rose scent that smells really rosy without being too cloying or blue hairish, suggestions welcome :)

    1. The TRUEST rose I've sniffed recently has been Sonoma Scent Studio's Velvet Rose...but a LITTLE goes a long way!

      You might also enjoy Jo Malone Red Roses. do you feel about vanilla and roses together? That opens up a whole new area.

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