Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perfumed Primary Project: District of Columbia, Maryland & Wisconsin

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I'll be honest, I've grown a little bored with the Perfumed Primary Project - but I'm going to see it through to the finish. The total upside; I'm finding perfumes with notes I wouldn't normally think of.

- For the District of Columbia and its "state" flower the American Beauty Rose: Keiko Mecher's Gourmandises. (Given my tastes...why have I not sniffed this yet? I'm shunning myself just a little!)

District of Columbia: The Executive CityD
 - For Maryland and its state flower the Black Eyed Susan: Yeah....I'm not really going to find anything, because it has no noticeable scent. (If I'm wrong, someone please correct and educate me!)

Maryland: The Old Line State
- For Wisconsin and its state flower the Violet: Opus Oil's Dapper. (Just scroll down a bit once you click on the link, you'll get to it!)

Wisconsin: The Badger State

 In other news...I have been obsessed with the idea of "decorating" the apartment. I say "decorating" because come June 1st we will have lived in this apartment for 4 years. (Mind you, this is the longest we've lived during our ten years of living together/being married.) There is only on thing on any of the wall, and that holds sheet music. This is sad. With the recent income tax refund purchase of "adult furniture" - we got both a couch and a mattress...brand new, from a furniture store; and the delivery of the bedding today, I'm on a bit of a kick. We might as well make this place look like a home. Where adults live. I have a list in a word document off all the things I want to slowly chip away at. Some big, some small - but have no idea what order to do them in. Any suggestions? Oh yeah...here's a picture of the new bedding with Harley and Ezra checking it out.

**Photo Credits: 1) homeandgardenideas.com, 2) fcps.edu,  3)en.wikipedia.org & 4) own

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