Thursday, April 5, 2012

RE-SCENTING Mad Men's Megan Calvet Draper

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Oh Mrs. Draper 2.0, how marriage and way to long hiatus between seasons has changed you! Actually, I don't think it's changed you, you're just showing your true colors and letting your freak flag fly; but they were right (who ever it was that said it) you really are a good actress!

Here's what I thought of the future, now Mrs. Draper 2.0 a few days before the Season 5 premiere:

"I like Megan and I think she's good for Don. She's most assuredly not the bumbling moron that we thought she was at the beginning (OK I thought the was kind of a ding-bat at first) of her time on the show. I thought Faye was good for Don though....and look how well that worked out! I'm pretty sure that Megan is going to get crushed by a rogue Street Vendor Cart or is actually a Russian spy or something like that; but for now she's making Don happy and his kids are quite fond of her as well, so she gets something full of sunshine, warmth and light - yet still chic and sophisticated. I'm thinking Parfum d'Empire's Osmanthus Interdite."

Megan Calvet
Then this happened.....

Megan "Zou Bisou Bisou" Draper
 If you didn't get to watch it, you "zou bisou-bi-should"! Here it is, you know you heard SOMEONE talking about it!
Hey cool! Mrs. Draper 2.0 and I almost have the same haircut!

Yeah...sunshine, warmth, light, chic, sophisticated....those all need to be spun in another way. Then there was this.....

Clearly from this Megan is either A) Bat-SH%T crazy or B) her and Don have the best role-play EVER! Whatever it is, I like to reward both crazy and kinky. Mrs. Zou Bisou-Bisou-"All-You-Get-To-Do-Is-Watch" is going to get some AWESOME perfumes!

Megan has several facets, so I'm going to give her a mini fragrance wardrobe.

- For the office: Zeta by Andy Tauer (This is my second Tauer to give serious skin time to and I think I'm becoming a Tauer-Fan-Girl.) I had originally given Megan Parfum D'Empire's Osmanthus Interdite, I think Zeta takes that sparkling feeling and deepens it. Gives it some substance with the neroli, linden and honeyed yellow rose, plus a richness with the buttery orris, light-handed sandalwood and vanilla.

- Days off / out with friends: Womanity by Thierry Mugler. Salty-figgy-savory-sweet. I'm a big fan of Womanity: as you can read here. If just seams to fit Megan. It's just "un-frilly" enough. (Note to self...why don't you own a bottle of like it enough for a bottle!)

 - Business dinners out with Don (AKA Mrs. Draper 2.0): Nuits de Noho by Bond No. 9. She still wants to be polite and fit into social codes, but she does want to stand out a bit. I was going to give her Angel, but I wanted something a bit quieter, and I like Nuits de Noho icy-ness that wears quite closer to the skin. Nuits de Noho isn't a screamer.

- "Date Night" with Don (AKA Mrs. Zou Bisou-Bisou-"All-You-Get-To-Do-Is-Watch"): Lust by LUSH's Gorilla Perfumes. This is sex on a stick jasmine. The website puts it best, "Unabashedly sexy, Lust stirs an inexplicable carnal yearning. Resistance is futile." Need I say more?

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