Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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 Today is the first official full day Al's "TX CAT Tour" (that's what I'm calling it). I've decided that this time is going to be MUCH easier than when he had to go to Iowa for 3 week last August/September. Why? Three major reasons:

1) I have a job this time, and am no longer wallowing in my carpal tunnel post Conservatory Graduation misery.

2) There is not an "hurricane" headed straight to Boston. Notice I put "hurricane" in quotations as all that REALLY happened was some wind and rain and two trees from my yard that managed to lean on the apartment building next door. Thanks to buried power lines, we didn't even loose power. However, I grew up on the gulf coast where hurricanes can and WILL totally suck. Going home for my second Christmas after I had moved to Boston and spending it with my family in a FEMA trailer. Not exactly festive.

3) My birthday will not happen like it did last time. I'm a sucker for birthdays. Mine or my loved ones. Yes, I'm a total Leo/Virgo cusp baby. I totally fit that mold.

So, why am I torn? I'm torn about which way my perfume wearing habits are going to go while Al's away. Again, I can see three ways...actually four:

1) I'll wear lots of things that remind me of him, such as Sexy Graffiti or things resembling his signature scent which is Eau Duelle.

2) I'll enjoy wearing scents that he doesn't particularly care for. Olivier Durbano's Jade comes to mind.

3) I could be a strong, independent woman and wear what I like, just because I like it. Which means lots of jammy roses like Liaisons Dangereuses and Une Rose Vermeille.

4) OR...and my money's on this one, I could do a combination of the three, because I'm crazy like that!

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