Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Turn the Sweetness Up To Eleven (Calice Becker Week: Day 3)

*Current Fragrance: Lychee Mousse for Payard
*Currently Listening: Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert (This song reminds me of my sister SO MUCH!)

French P√Ętissier Francois Payard took a foray into the perfume word in 2009 with Inspirations by Payard, all created by Calice Becker. There were three creations: Bergamot Truffle (Dark Chocolate), Pistachio Ganache (Milk Chocolate) and Lychee Mousse (White Chocolate).

With a note list reading: white chocolate, lychee meringue, raspberry, and Turkish rosewater...I didn't really know who it all was going to translate. My thought process was, "This can go SEVERAL different ways." 

The initial smells reminded me of Tommy Girl + lychee (and maybe some other orange-y fruits...perhaps tangerine) + a good sprinkling of sugar...turned to 11, a la Spinal Tap.

Smelling it right away I could tell, even though I knew, that it was a Calice Becker perfume. I suppose that I'm not nuanced enough in speaking about perfume yet to articulate how I know, I can just...tell. Hey fellow perfume bloggers: do any of you have a better way of articulating this? The best way I can do is equate it to art music. Beethoven SOUNDS like Beethoven, Bartok SOUNDS like Bartok, Grainger SOUNDS like Grainger, Stockhausen SOUNDS like Stockhausen, The Snozzberries TASTE like Snozzberries, the Becker SMELLS like get my point... 

Once the original lychee/sugar hits calms down, the white chocolate starts to peek through, along with kisses of raspberries. I don't really get anything resembling any type of rose-whatever until the very end of the "sniff" as it hit the very back of your nose. It's exceedingly faint. 

What Lychee Mousse does make me want to do, is go to my neighborhood frozen yogurt shop, Chill.
It smells EXACTLY like walking in there. The swirl of the cream base of frozen yogurt or ice cream, tons of sugary sweet and chocolaty toppings as well as a smattering of fresh fruits options. I think I must go get some frozen yogurt with lychees, raspberries and white chocolate bits very soon!

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