Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scenting Glee: Part 2

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I'm back! I'm back because the beloved husband has now left for the Big-D (And I DO mean Dallas!) for work for three weeks. Save travels Al! (This also gives me an excuse to post the AWESOMENESS which is the opening credits of Dallas.)

Anyway...onto a completely different TV show: Glee! Two weeks ago, No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 kicked off Scenting Glee: Part 1 by finding scents for Mr. Schuester, Miss Pillsbury, Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson and Sue Sylvester. Today we'll scent five more. Let's begin!

Kurt Hummel
I have the feeling that young Mr. Hummel has a fragrance WARDROBE, but I'm just going to highlight two here. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I thought Gorilla Perfume's Ladyboy. I mean the top note is BANANAS! (Like of the Gwen Stefani variety!) And then there's seaweed, violet, chamomile, labdanum and oakmoss oak moss too. Any guy that can pull off this brooch:

Which I now now is Marc by Marc Jacobs...
...can TOTALLY pull off bananas as a top note!

I also think that Kurt needs a Tom Ford scent. 1) Because he's dating Mr. Tom For Jr. - AKA Blaine, & 2) BECAUSE. KURT. JUST. DOES! I see Kurt being a Black Violet lad. It's floral without going into garden-bomb territory. Jammy, pulpy fruit to sweeten it up, some citrus for sparkle and light and wood and oakmoss for depth. Clearly I must equate violets with Kurt!

Blaine Anderson
I have a soft spot for Blaine's character, as he reminds me SO MUCH of a dear friend I had in High School, so he's going to get special fragranced treatment. While I don't think Blaine has AS MANY fragrances as Kurt...but a lad that dapper, who owns THAT MANY BOW-TIES owns more than one fragrance. Also...I'm pretty sure he has pretty good credit card access, because he did not FIND all those bow-ties in Lima, OH! That would be like some one finding that many bow-ties in MY home town!

 With the number of showers a day Blaine MUST take (along with OODLES of hair product) to get that slick-backed of hair, I imagine that he smells EXCEEDINGLY clean and fresh, but I didn't want to give him something soapy-clean; instead my much beloved Jade by Olivier Durbano. It's clean and fresh with a spine. It smells a little barber shop-y to me. (An exceedingly posh and expensive barber shop.) I PROMISE to do a full review on it soon, as I find it to be positively glorious. Many thanks to EauMG for steering me in Durbano's direction! (BTW - He's a jeweler too, how cool it THAT!?!)

Enough about me...back to Blaine. He's going to get a Tom Ford as well! I was going to go with Tobacco Vanille, but I decided not to: 1) giving any HS kid a fragrance with Tobacco in the name seamed way too irresponsible and 2) I thought it might read just a little two dark for Blaine. Maybe in 10 or 15 years. Instead, I decided to go with Tuscan Leather; leather, raspberry & saffron...YUM! It just seams to fit. Oh! The $$$ thing! Yeah, I know these are pretty price-y scents, but I have the feeling that Blaine's family is rather well off. I've concocted this story where Blaine's father is a lawyer and his mother is a either a journalist or teaches something like English at a nearby college. After all, they COULD afford Dalton for him for quite some time.

Quinn Fabray
I know I wanted to go with something mainstream for Quinn. I feel that while she's have the resources and wherewithal to go niche, he desperate need to be "normal" and part of "the group" be it the Glee Club or the Cheerios, would keep her in the mainstream. I almost went with Daisy, but it seamed to be just a little too "wild-flowers" in the field for Quinn. Instead, I wanted to capture a tad of the "pink-colored-juice" that all the other Cheerios would be wearing. (Yes, I know she's in a wheelchair right now, but remember...she's going to be out of it and dancing on the stage at Nationals....) For Ms. Fabray it's Dior's Miss Dior Cherie. It's fruity and playful (Caramelized Popcorn & Strawberry Sherbet!) but it's not a total Hawaiian-Punch-Fest.

Mercedes Jones
Mercedes is a true D-I-T (Diva In Training)! Thing is...she's actually likable. (Sorry Rachel Berry...maybe you'll grow out of your self-centeredness eventually...so says that woman who blogs about perfume as it generally relates to her life.)

If you'll remember, Trouty Mouth commented on how good Mercedes smelled in an episode not too long ago. It is my belief that Mercedes is a Mugler gal! I was GOING to give her Womanity, but it seamed a LITTLE too mature for her (maybe in 5 years), plus it didn't seam to be the type of thing that would make Sam Evans go weak in the knees. I decided for day-time Mercedes it would have to be Mugler's Innoocent. "Effervescent berries, black current jam, pralines, sugared almonds" just seam to scream Mercedes!

However, when the stage lights are blaring and it's full-on Whitney-Aretha-Diana-Mercedes-Diva up their belting her heart out; it's Angel all the way!

Noah "Puck" Puckerman
I have this odd feeling that at their 10 (OK maybe 20) year HS reunion, Puck will be the most financially successful of them all, and have some sort of pseudo-lame title like "The Pool Cleaning King of Southern California" - but in the meanwhile Puck (who deep down I really think is a good guy) really loves the Real Housewives of Lima. (And the Real Housewives of Lima love Puckerman!) I'm SURE that Puck would wear Givenchy's Pi.... and that was a both thank you "hush" gift from one of the ladies he does...I mean on of the ladies whose POOL he does. Maybe it's the one that mows her lawn in the tube top! I really don't think Puck would put a good deal of thought into his fragrance, but he'll wear this one like a trophy. I can see him spritzing it on himself post workout in the locker-room around all the other Glee Club guys, and then about two sentences into the story breaking out into a rendition of Motherlover.

Well...the more I think about it, the lyrics really don't fit & I DOUBT the creators of the show would let it fly, but it would be HELLA funny!

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  1. I found this just because of the bowties blaine pic and i am glad i did because this was a good way to spend ten minutes. thank you for making my day just a smidgen better!

    1. You are most welcome Tessa! I'm so glad you enjoyed. Your comment made ME smile!