Friday, April 20, 2012

And Sometimes Life Takes Over

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I feel as though I need to apologize. I've been a little MIA, especially because I was FINALLY in the middle of Calice Becker Week. I've noticed that I get a little wonky with by posting ESPECIALLY when I announce some sort of special project. I have a good reason though....I promise...

My husband is being sent to Dallas on business (darned natural disasters!) for three weeks starting Tuesday, so we're trying to get things together and spend as much time together as possible before he leaves.

Clearly this has caused me to cut down on my blogging and perfume sniffing related activities, but c'est la vie! I'll try to get Day 4 of Calice Becker week up some time today and then do Day 5 some time next week. :-)

To you perfume bloggers who manage to post every week day and always seam to have thoughtful and well written content: 1) how do you do it? 2) I salute you!

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  1. hehee post every week? I don't think I have ever done that!

    1. I tend to bite of more than I can chew. CONSTANTLY! I'm considering implementing "Freebie Friday" where I can write about..well...whatever. Could be perfume...could be anything.