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Scenting Glee: Part 1

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Confession time: I LOVE GLEE! There, I said it - I'm a big ol' Gleek! It makes me smile. Yes, I understand that this is a TV show for children. I also understand that it get a lot of flack for "bad covers" or the way it deals with social issues; the show is "too this" or "too that".... Here's my thing: to me Glee is like an after-school special for current times but with a lot more music! (I'm a fan of the after school special...) PLUS, if the show brings more kids to music (or any of the arts) or helps ANYONE deal with any type of social issue, then the world is a better place.
Besides...Glee, like perfume, is about JOY - so let the joy commence! :-D

In this No Disassemble Charlie No. 5,  I'll be scenting five Glee characters. I'm trying to keep in mind that they live in Lima, Ohio, which in my mind has about as many perfume shopping sources as my home town. So, who's going to drive to the local mall to get they're 'fumes and who really goes out of the way for their signature scent.

Why now though Kathleen? Well, Glee returns from what I'm calling it's "Spring Break" tonight. So I'm doing something very similar to what I did with Scenting Mad Men (for the much awaited Season 5 premier) and later the much needed  RE-SCENTING Mad Men's Megan Calvet Draper.

Let's begin!

Will Schuester
 I think what makes Mr. Schue appealing on several levels is his "every-man-ness." (Now, if every man could dance like him the world would be a better place....) Seriously though, he has problems with his love life and he drove shit-tastic car.I could never see him wearing some niche type of fragrance; plus I don't see him wearing anything overtly dark or woody or really outside the "box"; just something that is fresh and clean while remaining "masculine." So for Will, I'm going with Giorgio Armani's largely popular Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme.

Emma Pillsbury
 With as much....let's call it CARE....that Emma puts into...well....EVERYTHING, I'm pretty sure she'd put a good deal of care into picking a signature scent. I've actually always felt like Jo Malone's Orange Blossom would be a PERFECT fit for Ms. P.! Quite and refined; not too citrus, not too floral, a good mix, but not too strong. Only those who she chooses to really let in would be able to smell it. Plus there's something about the orange, and the orange blossom that just GOES with her Ginger locks.

Rachel Berry
Rachel-Diva-In-Training-Barbara-Streisand-2.0-Wanna-Be, really....it's a no brain-er: Bond No. 9's Broadway Nite all the way! Rachel's two Dads would TOTALLY order this for her. I think it's a little strong for a young woman her age, but....so is Rachel Berry! Also, the name....yeah, hello!?!?!? Plus, she'd HAVE to have a perfume from a line with fragrances ABOUT NYC...she is a lady obsessed! I can see her going ||: on and on and on and on and on :|| about it in the choir room and Kurt and Santana (particularly) rolling their eyes!

The only thing that could make Broadway Nite better, is if it had the stars on the bottle like Nuits de NoHo does. We all know how much RB loves her stars!

Finn Hudson

Oh Frankenteen, what to do with you? Pre-RB (Rachel Berry...hello!?!) Finn would have doused himself in AXE Body Spray.I'm SURE of it! (Or perhaps a left behind bottle of his father's Old Spice - because that's just sweet.) However, now that he and Rachel are together (again), she's in the drivers seat fragrance wise. I mean...she's been wearing Broadway Nite for YEARS now, but the last time she ordered a new bottle, she got Finn a bottle of Bond No. 9's I LOVE NEW YORK for Him. He doesn't object, he goes along with what Rachel has gotten him. Not that he's THAT much of a pushover, but with Rachel Berry - you have to pick your "battles".

Sue Sylvester
Every time Sue "C's" it fit  to go on a rant, I can't help but think of Mommie Dearest; please Sue, for the love of all that is HOLY, just once will you yell, "NO WIRE HANGERS EVER!!!!"? Given that going on in my mind, it stands to reason that Sue would wear Estee Lauder's Youth Dew (the perfume that Joan Crawford wore.) Perhaps this seams a little "big-boned" for Sue to sport as her signature fragrance, but give me my three selling points here:
1) It's spicy and not a shrinking violet hiding in the corner; this is evocative of Sue.
2) It's time tested, it's not a flash in the pan; it's been there forever (OK since 1953), and it's planning on hanging around for a while. (Just like Sue.)
3) We've seen glimpses of Sue the "Lady" here and there, but it's covered; much like some of the spicier and heavier notes cover the more lady-like florals in Youth Dew until they are ready to be revealed.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday's installment of "Scenting Glee", where we find 'fumes for Kurt, Blaine, Quinn, Puck and Mercedes.

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