Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautifully Bittersweet

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"Reviewing" things from my place of employment is a odd ethical territory for me. I (by COMPLETE personal choice) wear Lush's fragrances when I go to work (because it just makes sense, right?) and during a lot of my "civilian" perfume life. I never, ever, ever, EVER, EVVVVVEEEEERRRR want anyone to think that I'm getting some sort of "kick back" for favorably saying things about Lush products, and also feel oddly about reviewing things I've purchased for myself since working there. "Reviewing" this set falls in an interesting territory, as I did not buy it for myself.

My husband bought the sample set pictured above for my for Christmas, online; over a month before it was available in the store I work at. As the blog goes on, you'll pick up on that fact that I am a SUCKER for a sample set! There are so many fragrances out there and my mood shifts around so that I just want a little of everything at my fingertips and still be able to pay rent! (Sign....#perfumeworldproblems)

This little set is adorable and very diverse...
(I'll give them little descriptors that I would use if I had 5 seconds to describe the scent + gives me chance to be a little more creative and emotive w/ my words!)

1000 Kisses Deep - Drinking orange juice, next to an osmanthus plant while listening to the sweetest love songs EVER on your iPod.

B Scent - A bouquet of flowers, tied w/ a raffia bow...hanging out in a glass of lemonade.

Cocktail - Sitting at a bar with red lips, hair pulled up neatly but not severely in your prettiest (but not frilly) dress, sipping a cocktail. Nothing too sparkly but nothing too strong.

Dear John - A lazy breakfast in a small snowbound cabin in the woods with your beloved.

Ladyboy - I've nick named this one Porcelain, because I'm pretty sure this is a scent Kurt Hummel would wear. Yep. That's a compliment.

Love - It's giddy and substantive all at the same time; like an apple pie, but w/out the syrupy sweetness.

Superworld Unknown - Smells like my childhood, but looking at it now - through rose colored glasses. (but more on that later..)

The Smell of Weather Turning - Tut, tut...smells like rain! Seriously.

I have three particular favorites when worn on my skin...counting them down to #1 -
3) The Smell of Weather Turning
2) Ladyboy
Ladyboy's topnote is _ _ _ _ _ _ _!
1) Superworld Unknown

Like I said earlier, to me Superworld Unknown smells like my childhood, but looking at it now - through rose colored glasses.  The entire time it's on my skin I keep thinking, "limecottoncandyseaairbeach" (Yes Virginia, words DO run together like that in my head.)

The scent is actually named after a song by Swedish singer Karin Park called "Superworldunknown".

Why does this fragrance remind me so much of my childhood? (Also, I have to say, there's something more to it than just "lime cotton candy, lime, sea air, beach"; I get the notes of rose and sandalwood that are a light anchor to the base, giving the fragrance to me that nostalgic twinge.) I get very distinct flashes back to trips to the Old Strand Emporium in Galveston. One of my favorite places to visit as a child ever! (I blame/love you for my affinity for salt water taffy and spiced teas!) Couple how the fragrance "smell/feels" with the chorus to "Superworldunknown", and it starts to make a little more sense (in my mind)...

the rockets going down
the sun is up today
challenging the rain
in this superworld unknown
you just let her try
to shine before your eyes
in this superworld unknown

This is one of those instances where perfume gets really personal. I could explain it, but then - that's letting too much of some of the things I hold close into the public & thus quits being personal. Also - I'd yammer on for a very VERY long time sounds pretty damned crazy! One day there will be a day... (not about perfume - well, maybe another one...hmm? - but about the personal.)

Long-ish conclusion: Thanks Superworld Unknown for giving me some sweet smelling rose colored glasses to look through and smile.

Short conclusion: Perfume...It's Personal.

Two words: Beautifully Bittersweet

*Currently Listening: "I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)" by Black Kids


  1. One of my favorite posts so far.

    A) I completely understand your "perfumeworldproblems"

    B) B Scent and Dear John sound so divine I may just have to splurge a little and invest in some samples of them

    C) Growing up in the same area as you, I love your shared memories that bring up some of my own. The same but completely different. :)

    1. Thanks lady! For some reason I can really see you enjoying Dear John!

      I love Superworld Unknown so much! It's strange, but strange in a good childhood...ummm..yeah! :-)