Friday, January 20, 2012

Important Rocky Horror Picture Show Perfume Help!

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I would like, if I may....

Holy smeared red lipstick! I'm so excited!!! Tonight, I'm going to see a live production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at Club Oberon with best friend of husband and boyfriend of best friend of husband & it's going to be freaking FABULOUS! I've been obsessed w/ TRHPS since Jr. High! But...readers...I need some help - what perfume is the right choice for "giv[ing] yourself over to absolute pleasure! Swim[ing] the warm waters of sins of the flesh!"?

I give you the following choices - click on the links for descriptions - I honestly picked them because of their names...because I don't have anything that smells like TRHPS. Now, if I had been thinking ahead, I could have gotten my hands on some Secretions Magnifiques!

For tonight, choices are....
1) Ladyboy

2) Liaisons Dangereuses

3) Lust

4) Superworld Unknown

Think and comment fast my pretties! I need to be spritzing or dabbing one of these scents on in six hours; by 9:30 EST!

A little inspiration for you....

Ezra looks spent. Perhaps he's been spending some time *over at the Frankenstein place*....

"Meow! Don't dream it! Be-eh it! Meow!"

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  1. I'd suggest Lust...I get using the Unisex, but I think Lust seems the most fitting...especially reading the description.

    1. Hi there, Al H.! Thanks for the recommendation! Say - I'm married to an Al H., you two know each other? ;-)

  2. Hope you had a great time-the cast certainly did as always!!! What did you end up going with?

    -Laine Binder (Magenta)

    1. Oh my goodness! This is a totally pleasant comment surprise! 1) I ended up going w/ Lust. 2) I (actually we) had the best time! Total fun! Total sins of the flesh! I'd go see it again if I weren't going to be in NYC this weekend. Looking forward to "The Little Pricks" - being a Southern gal and all!