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Perfumed Primary Project: Florida (Orange Blossom - Lush & Jo Malone)

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Pour yourself a glass of fresh OJ dear NDC#5 readers, because it's Primary Day in the Sunshine State; which means another installment of The Perfumed Primary Project! I was very excited about a day devoted to the Orange Blossom! I have a fondness for it's sunny optimism while not being too saccharinely sweet. Seeking out orange blossom in the middle of January is a great idea to me, as the UK version of the Lush website says, it smells like...well, "liquid sunshine."

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Today I chose to go with Lush's Orange Blossom Perfume because 1) I REALLY love it and 2) I had a little sample vile of it in a sample pack I bought a few years ago. (Once I use up the sample, there will be a purchase of a bottle or a solid in my future!) Plus, part of my plans for the Perfumed Primary Project was to NOT GO BROKE DOING IT!

The notes listed on Lush's website are orange blossom, neroli, rosewood, ylang ylang, sandalwood & beeswax. On myself, I smell a large and happy dose of the orange blossom, and a little of both ylang ylang & beeswax. It wears in a very liner fashion, and has a surprising far reaching sillage.

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The Lush version wasn't my first Orange Blossom love; that place belongs the Jo Malone version. I remember buying a bottle of it from the Neimen Marcus in the Houston Galleria shortly after moving back to TX from NC to finish undergrad. Something about Orange Blossom (in both the Lush and Jo Malone incarnations) reminds me of my childhood. My sister put it well when first smelling the Jo Malone and saying, "It smells like being at the farm when we were kids..." I totally get it!   

** My paternal grandparents retired deep in East Texas to a "farm". It had a garden, and they sold their hey from the land (LOTS of land), and at one point had horses (before me I even think there were chickens). Instead of saying, "Going to the Grandparents", it could be "Going to The Farm". It was in the middle of NOWHERE! 

I don't think it's a direct link to any of the notes in the fragrance to my childhood experiences at The Farm, it's just an evocative thing.

Jo Malone sites its' Orange Blossom containing notes of clementine, orange blossom and water lily; It's got a bit of a lighter hand than the Lush incarnation, and a very small sillage. Between the bottles I've bought myself and the ones my Mom has gifted me over the years, I think I've gone through about four of the 30ml bottles.
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I'm trying to do a giveaway draw for each of the Perfumed Primary Project posts. Since there's not enough juice left in my Orange Blossom vial to warrant a draw, so I went w/ the color orange for inspiration. Here's what's up for grabs:

"Diva In Training" from the Sephora by OPI Glee Collection
Instead of a Florida state facts trivia question, I decided to go with something Harry Potter question. Link, you ask? Well, if there was one place in Florida I'd want to visit, it would be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here's how this will work. Email your response to the following Harry Potter trivia question to dscharlieno5@gmail.com. (I find it only fair to do it via email as to not freeload on other people's responses.) The entry period will close Tuesday, February 7th at 8pm, and I will draw a winner at random. It's easy! I pay shipping costs. Giveaways are fun, ladies and gents!

Here's your question: What is the English translation of the Hogwarts school motto: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus?

Happy Harry-Potter-Florida-Orange-Blossom-Trivia-Contest-Entering, dear readers!

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***What's with all the Glee today, Kathleen? Oh, I'm just a LITTLE excited about the "Michael" episode tonight!


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