Thursday, January 5, 2012

Along With, Lovers, Fuggers & Thieves (Aw, But They're All Cool People) AND KITTIES!

*Currently Listening: "September" by Earth Wind and Fire
*Current Fragrance: Nothing yet, I work later today - so time to break out the LUSH sample set the husband gave me for Christmas. I'm thinking "Love" or "Ladyboy".

After the Great Southern Tour, it's incredibly great to be HOME. Mine, Al's and the kitties little adopted home of Boston. Speaking of kitties I find that it's time for me to introduce them to the blogosphere. I've noticed that most perfume people are kitty people.) That, and until I go into work later today...I've got the brain power to stare into space and unpack. I promise there will be a real "perfume-y" entry tomorrow.

We have two kitties...Harley and Ezra. Harley is Al's cat and Ezra is mine. We picked them out respectively. I had another cat before Ezra, my beloved Singer, but we lost her to cancer about four years ago. Ezra the "helper", as his name means in Hebrew, bounded into our lives to help us deal with the loss.

Hi. I'm Harley. I'm kinda shy. I love my Dad & chicken. I love Mom & my brother just not as much. I don't like perfume, really. The mist scares me, but I'm really f'ing cute!   

Hi. I'm Ezra. Mom says I'm a mess, but in the best possible way! I like to stare at myself in the mirror all day. I'll smell anything Mom sprays, and if I don't like it, I'll walk away. Mom calls me her metro-kitty. Honey smells good. So does coconut. I try to get in the way when Mom blogs. I just want to type one sentence, or play you some AC/DC. Is that too much to ask!?!

I do realize that I've crossed into total crazy cat lady land! I keep the porcelain plates with cats painted on them in boxes under the bed.

In perfume related news. I'll be in NYC near the end of the month visiting some friends with the husband. Does it make me a HORRIBLE person if I want to eek out some along time for a few hours for a pilgrimage to Aedes de Venustas?

*Currently Listening: "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches & Herb

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