Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life Is A Highway (My Husband's 10 Day Scent Deciding Journey)

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I outlined in my earlier entry "Walk Like a Man, Talk Like a Man, Smell Like a Man (?)" that my husband owns one bottle of fragrance, which he pulls out for special occasions; Hanae Mori HM.
I sort of took it on as a little mini personal mission of mine to find him a daytime signature scent, and for Christmas gifted him 10 sample vials that I think he would enjoy to try and pick a signature daytime scent. Whichever scent he decides upon, I'll buy him the full bottle for Valentines Day.

Right now he's on day two of this process. We traveled so much during the holidays and the bag of samples didn't get brought: plus looking for a signature scent, don't you want to be in your element, doing you daily thing?

The list of scents, in the order he plans on trying them are as follows:

Oh yeah, and Al - PLEASE don't click on the links because then you'll see how much they are, and I don't want that influencing your decision, I just want readers to be able to easily read about each fragrance

1) LUSH's "Dirty" (This was yesterday's scent. It smelled way too clean and metallic on Al, smells better on me actually and I'll spritz it on me sometimes during work.)

2) LUSH's "Breath of God" (Today's fragrance. I was still fast asleep when he left the house this morning, I'm curious to get a whiff of it this evening on him.)

3) Herm├Ęs' "Eau D'Orange Verte"

4) Diptyque "Eau Duelle"

5) Diptyque "L'eu des Hesperides"

6) L'Artisan Parfumer - "Mandarine"

7) L'Artisan Parfumer - "Poivre Piquant"

8) Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle - "Bigarade Concentree"

9) Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle - "Geranium Pour Monsieur"

10) Edition de Parfums Frederic Malle - "Musc Ravageur"

By the 20th he should be all the way through testing them. Pretty sure he doesn't want to think of fragrance choosing on the weekends. I'm very curious as to what he has to say about them all and will be updating some of his thoughts through my Twitter (@klhood123). Al's not nearly as effusive as I am, which I'm sure will actually yield some awesomely dry yet entertaining observations.

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