Monday, January 2, 2012

Vaya! Press!

*Currently listening: Some HS band playing "Stars & Stripes" on the Tournament of Roses Parade Telecast
*Current perfume: Nothing yet, but plans for Evening Edged in Gold by Ineke once I'm out and about.

I woke up and checked my twitter account to find out that I got some press! WHEE!

Click here to get the link to the site. Not exactly the sort of press I expected, but I'll take it nonetheless! :o) Thanks to my darling Abuelita drink for making this possible!

While I'm here, I have to say that I have fallen hopelessly and deeply in love with "Liaisons Dangereuses" by By Kilian! It was what I was planning on wearing out for New Years Eve (complete with feather eyelashes), but alas, exhaustion or a stomach bug thwarted my plans. I perfumed myself early New Years DAY with Ineke's "Deering-Do"...but that was pre-shower. (Silly me!) I was sad I had not yet gotten to try my sample vial of "Liaisons Dangereuses", and with the twitter blessing" of a fellow perfume blogger it was both appropriate AND fabulous to wear to THE grocery store in my home town in Small Town SETX. (Complete with red lip and red shoes. TOTALLY NECESSARY!)

I am in LOVE with this perfume...just enough coconut for me to smell like coconut, but doesn't smell like a tropical vaca.! My love for the perfume was then confirmed when my Mom told me that I smelled like her maternal grandmother. The woman that I am supposedly exactly alike. This lady rocked a fur pill-box hat in the middle of summer in the SETX heat. MAD RESPECT to my Great Grandma!

I must own more than a sample vial of this perfume, but sadly the full bottle is a little out of my price range. :-( Does anyone have any experience with the solid version? (Not to mention, it's stunningly beautiful!)

I can smell the awesomeness just looking at the photo!

*Currently listening: A marching band from Puerto Rico (Still Tournament of Roses Parade).

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