Friday, January 13, 2012

Live From My Couch. (Happiness & Light Giveaway Winners.)

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Here at No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 we're pretty low tech. I mean, I've got two cats as my assistants. Technology is pretty hard to deal with when you're running an operation with 10 "hands" and only two opposable thumbs. While I'm sure other perfume blogs have nice selection software to choose winners of their contests at random, I (for this one, the first one if you'll remember, was a hat) have a pot with ripped up pieces of paper with names handwritten on them.

Pot. While watching Bill Maher on tv, who likes pot.

I find using this particular pot for this drawing was quite appropriate for this draw since it was a wedding gift my Maid of Honor's mother. I love this pot! "The Bell Pepper" as we SO cleverly call it. It has seen a great deal of canned veggies, soups and pasta sauce over the past 9 and 1/3 years.

Now, without further delay....the winner of the 4ml deluxe sample of Escada's "Taj Sunset" -

And now the winner of  a sample vile of Badgley Mischka -
Congrats Michelle and Reba! Please email me at or text me (since you both may have my phone #) your address so I can get your perfume!
To everyone who entered, thanks for entering; and thank you ALWAYS for reading, as well as for your support and encouragement! No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 has been going on for a little over a month now, and it sure has been a blast!

I'll be back Monday with a review of Ineke's Deluxe Sample Collection Vol. 4.

The rockin' Friday night of a perfume blogger.
*Currently Listening: Still the Panel on "Real Time with Bill Maher"

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