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Rose's Turn: Reviewing Diptyque's "Eau Rose"

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Hello, everybody! My name is Rose! What's yours?
How do you like them eggrolls, Mr. Goldstone?
Hold your hats and hallelujah.
Mama's gonna show it to you.
Ready or not, shhh, here comes Mama.

Diptyque's "Eau Rose" the the brand's newest offering. The company's website casts the fragrance as being "conceived to stand out as a genuine infusion of roses. Its olfactory composition is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of the flower in its natural state, as it blossoms over time." I think it does just that; in a manner that is both simple, yet complex.
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Here's what I like about "Eau Rose" sometimes I just want a fragrance that is simple in nature (not having MANY or STRONG notes), but that's not boring when I wear it. For lack of better word-imagery; "Eau Rose" just smells pretty. While maintaining that "prettiness" it is able to be interesting on the my skin. At first spritz it smells green, much like the bud is still firmly closed, guarded by the protective embrace of the sepal. Once on the skin, the fragrance does in fact "bloom." My nose gets more of what we perceive in our mind as "rose" - the fresh true rose, not the overly sweetened/synthetic-y kind. As the wear goes on, the freshness and brightness of the rose mellows (very true to life): further along as the fragrance starts to fade (die? wilt?), the rose notes  further mellow and become almost creamy; alluding to the flower lessening in intensity as the petals fall to the ground (or off the skin in the case of the fragrance). 

"Eau Rose" does not last on the skin for that long, but I'm OK with this - as if taking the "rose in true life" angle to the maximum. If I had to sum up "Eau Rose" with two words, I'd go with: true sophisticated. I also subscribe to the ideology that sometimes less really is more and there can be the utmost beauty in simplicity and restraint. (This makes me want to change the music playing...)

There is also a candle compadre of "Eau Rose" called "Rosa Mundi". I have not smelled the candle burning, but sniffing just the solid candle at the Diptyque boutique in NYC this past week - it smells pretty close to the perfume. Now I want to go light my new Baies candle for the first time.... (well, maybe after some fragrance testing for tomorrow's blog.)

**Disclosure: My sample of "Eau Rose" came from the Bleecker St. Diptyque boutique.

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