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Prada Candy: The Top 20 Women's Fragrances of 2011 - A Scents of Self Production

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With today's post I'm a quarter of my way there! If you'd like to catch up on my previous reviews of the Top 20, please click on any of the linked fragrance names: Angel, Aromatics Elixir, Beautiful & Burberry Body. Curious about what The Scents of Self and other bloggers playing along are writing about the Top 20? Swim around Ari's page a little, she's been posting round-ups for us!

1) Previous experience: Having heard about Prada Candy, I was curious to smell it, so off to the mall I went, and did a little spritz, spritz from the counter....and nothing. Well, not NOTHING; if it were up to me, I would have named it Eau de Sugar Water instead of Candy. On me it smelled like very diluted humming bird food.

2) Thoughts now: When I was visiting the Prudential Center and Copley place getting ready for this weeks posts, I thought to myself, "Well, maybe I got a dud bottle of Candy to sample the first time. Let's try this again. Lord and Taylor....sugar water. Interesting. *washes right hand* (The left was reserved for Beautiful's development) Side note: You try washing you non-dominant hand ONLY in a public restroom, and see if YOU don't get some strange looks! Go to Saks...spritz, spritz wait....sugar water....DAMN IT! Find another public restroom to one-hand-non-dominant-wash.... Off to Neiman Marcus. I spritz it on as I'm walking out, cross the street, get on the T and go to dinner. Pasta, wine and good company were calling my name. I'm willing to accept the fact the one tester bottle could possibly be a dud, but three in the same day? I'm not buying that one! Then I start thinking, "It's not you Candy, it's me..." DAMN IT! Is my nose busted, cause this is bad!!!! No, I don't think my nose is busted; maybe it's just my skin. I can wear fragrances that others think of as cloyingly sweet and don't go all Willy Wonka on me, so perhaps it makes sense that Candy (which has been touted as a non offensively saccharin gourmand by so many) reads as sugar water on me. Further testing I kept sniffing during dinner, on the T home and once I got home. STILL sugar water. The blotter test will determine if it's my skin or my nose. I know you'll be waiting for me to talk about that with breath that is baited. All this really doesn't explain what it was that Body by Burberry did to me....

3) Could I see myself wearing this anywhere & if so, where? If I wanted to smell like sugar water, I'd make some sugar water and splash it on myself. I'd be like human lickable wallpaper!

I'm skipping number four, I trust you to have excellent skills of deduction as to if I would buy a bottle of Prada Candy....

5) What did my husband say? Sitting down on the couch after returning from dinner, I lifted my right arm to his nose. "Smell," I say. "What? Ummm...Sugar water?," his response. A HA! My nose it NOT BUSTED!!!!

6) How does it smell on the blotter paper? Well, the blotter paper plays MUCH nicer with Prada Candy than my skin does. It smells of caramel...light caramel. I feel like the light musks and benzoin turn it into caramel made with a sugar substitute. (This is after the blotter paper has been sitting in a plastic zip-lock baggie for five days.)

I really feel the need to take some time and comment on the video advertisement on the website, that you simply must view by clicking here. It just makes me laugh so much! 1) That girl, would NEVER wear those panties in real life...I'm just saying. 2) Also, in real life I'm pretty sure she would have FAILED Applied Piano for those antics. Can you even imagine. Oh, it makes me giggle! 3) Dear Seully Hall, how about that color scheme rather than the yellow on yellow, I'm just saying. At a school whose colors are Microsoft Word Icon Blue and Lime Green, you can TOTALLY paint your main recital hall hot pink and gold!

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  1. Candy is definitely better on the blotter than on skin. But I encourage you to keep trying it!! I thought it was unbearably dull for a few months, but now I'm quite fond of it.

    1. Perhaps I should put a "Candy Day" in my planner, one day every month! :-) My skin just doesn't get it....

  2. I didn't even bother with the scent strip. Candy is very Not Me, but I liked it. Caramelllllll. And lotsa benzoin.

    ("The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!")

    1. Btw - I've decided, not really a fan of the size and shape of Sephora's blotters.

      I've been OBSESSED with the idea of lickable wallpaper since the first time I saw the movie. GENIUS! (Completely unsanitary....but genius nonetheless.)

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