Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Like Buttah or Butter, Y'all!

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I just couldn't decide what made a better pop-culture reference for this post, so I went with both! I'm sure you must be thinking, "Perfume with a butter note? Seriously, Kat!?!?! I'm outta here!" No! No! Wait guys!!! I'm talking about the British based NAIL POLISH line, Butter London.

"But Kathleen, this is a perfume blog? You're confusing me!?!" Dare to expand your minds dear readers. I purchased a bottle of Butter's Wallis this past weekend in NYC at Ricky's with James. (No, James is not her real name, but in NDC#5 Land, unless you're my husband, Mom, Dad or sister, you get a cool code name. That's how I roll!)

James is a lacquerista of sorts, so checking out the nail polish at Ricky's with her was fun. (Previously in the day, she had painted my nails in a reverse French - that's what I'm calling it - with dark navy & pewter.)For the size of my nail polish collection (I think about 15 bottles, I'm not going to count), I don't own that many expensive bottles of polish. I have two bottles of Chanel; one was a gift and one is a bottle of Vamp that I thought I might not continue to live if I didn't buy, RIGHT THEN. The rest can be bought at CVS or the like for never more than like $5.

Shopping in Ricky's I ran across Butter's Wallis, it was nail polish lust at first sight. The company's website touts the color as "a tarnished, metallic gold, as mysterious and regal as its namesake". I balked for a good 5 minutes over the $15 price tag, (for me, that's a pretty high $ to minutes balked ratio for a cosmetic item) but eventually ended up purchasing the of polish that I kept thinking, "my fingernails are going to look like coins from the Pirates of the Caribbean...AWESOME!"

Hipstamatic Wallis

I polished my nails on Monday afternoon... here's a shot of the finished product:

Day 1: About 4pm
 I was SO thrilled with the color! I started digging around on Butter's website to look at the rest of the colors available in the range. I decided that Dosh, Knees Up and The Black Knight need to be a part of my future, but didn't want to get too crazy until I saw how the polish wore.

Last night at work I helped out with an after-hours party with about 14 ladies. (That sounds totally clandestine, but I promise it's not!) On the agenda were foot treatments, facials, perfume consultations, and - my job for the evening - hand treatments. I thought to myself, "14 hand treatments? My nails are TOAST!" The hand treatment consists of various incarnations of scrub, cleanse, hydrate...the SCRUB being the issues for the nail polish. Fine & coarse sea salt along with ground almonds, rice & aduku beans are not exactly nail polish's BFF....

Once the ladies left, I looked down at my nails, "Holy crap! Not a chip to be found!!!" Yes, this polish IS really worth the $15 ($14 on the website)

Proof you ask? Here you go....

Day 2: 11:30pm, post 14 hand treatments, same three fingers as before.
So, I'm pretty much hooked. For anyone wondering, I used Seche Vite base & top coat. (I think it's totally worth the price tag, and the bottles have lasted me for quite awhile..well, since Bartles and James still lived in Boston.)

Butter's website has a pretty comprehensive list of where you can purchase their polishes on their site, here's a link! (For my SETX readers, even though the site doesn't mention the Beaumont ULTA, I just called the store and they do carry Butter.)

Yeah, Butter nail polish comes HIGHLY recommended by me! I'll be back to perfume tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by then, I feel like someone put razor blades in my throat and ran over my with a MAC truck (and NOT the VIVA GLAM variety...) My jokes are getting worse and worse...I need to sleep!

Before you go, just take the eight minutes, and remind yourself how glorious this SNL Skit was....

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  1. I admire the Butter every time I go in Ulta..been coveting the navy blue! Might finally spring for it and try some now :)

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