Monday, February 13, 2012

Down With the Sickness

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I am quite literally "Down With the Sickness"...UGH! That's about all I could think of whit wise, so clearly you can understand me not writing a proper blog. What WAS going to happen: blog about my Grandma Grace and Pure Grace giveaway (Sunday night, post Grammy's), kicking off my helping Ari with The Scents of Self Takes on the Top 20 with my review of Angel (Monday), and  linking by Kilian's Beyond Love to the best warm fuzzy song of all time The Rainbow Connection (Valentine's Day). Instead I'll be picking up on Wednesday with the homage to my Grandma and reviewing Angel on Thursday, then it's business as usual. Since there will be no "Valentine's Blog", I give you an awesome video of an awesome awesome song about loving, dreaming, and choosing to believe in the impossible.

See you Wednesday, dear readers!

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