Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perfumed Primary Project: Maine (Karma by Lush)

*Current Fragrance: Nothing at the moment; I was wearing Liaisons Dangereuses earlier this morning, and I'll wear either Lust or 25:43 to work this afternoon
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Happy Weekend Dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 readers! It's time for the Maine instillation of the Perfumed Primary Project. For the Pine Tree State (also known as The Lumber State, the Switzerland of America, The Polar Star State, The Border State & The Old Dirigo State....WHEW!) it's all about the white pine cone and tassel or pinus strobus, linneaus.

For a fragrance with a pine note, I decided to go with Lush's "signature scent" Karma. Lush lists its notes as the following: orange, patchouli, pine, lavendin, lemongrass, elemi, and cassie. One of my favorite things about Lush's fragrances are the stories that are behind them, as well as a musical inspiration much of the time. The UK version of the Lush website describes Karma as perfumer Mark Constantine's "ode to hippies and head shops - and another one of his creations heavily influenced by music. He reminisced about going to the Kensington High Street market in his twenties when 'people were bonged out on God knows what' and weaved in the 'layers and layers of creamy sound' from listening to Massive Attack."

 At first sniff Karma didn't really say, "Hey Kathleen! I'm SO for you!" It's a bit on the outdoorsy side. Which, if you know me - isn't really me. (Ironically though, I DO really enjoy kayaking.) However, some days Karma is just what I need. It's mellow on my skin. The orange, patchouli & pine mix in to this relaxed and mellow blend that is quite soothing. It like to wear it on days that I am just relaxed and my world is moving at a slower pace. It's a t-shirt, yoga pants, 10 year old hoodie, not a lot of makeup, hair hasn't been washing in three days so I'm going to put it up in a pony tail unbrushed sorta scent. Coincidentally, I find myself reaching for it when I'm visiting my parent's house and am just lounging around doing nothing.

After finding out it was inspired by Massive Attack, I have this almost synesthesia-esque reaction when I smell Karma; immediately hearing this:

I should point out that I WISH I actually had synesthesia; but that is another conversation for another day!

Stay tuned tomorrow, dear readers for an AWESOME giveaway and Monday I start chipping away at helping the Scents of Self with her Top 20 Project. I'll be starting with Angel, Aromatics Elixir, Beautiful and Burberry Body.

*Currently Listening: Five Man Army by Massive Attack

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