Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Perfumed Primary Project: Three For the Price of One!

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Brrrrr! Speaking of in My Room [Apartment]; there is no heat or hot water. I should mention it's currently 44 degrees out, with a wind chill of 39. I'm trying to warm myself up with California beach music and a hot sounding fragrance...but it's not working. I feel another cup of hot tea very soon in my future. Aaaaand end rant!

It's three for the price of one on today's installment of the Perfumed Primary Project! Happy primary day to......

The Centennial State  
The North Star State
The Show Me State

Sadly I have come across my first Perfumed Primary Project failure. I simply could not find (through the resources my limited brain capacity could conjure) a fragrance with notes of the Rocky Mountain Columbine. Sorry readers! *womp, womp*

Rocky Mountain Columbine

Onto Minnesota and the Pink & White Lady Slipper. I couldn't find any perfumes with a credited pink and white lady slipper note, but I COULD find plenty with orchid notes. Sitting right in my collection was Tocca's Stella.
Pink & White Lady Slipper
Tocca lists Stella's note to be Bitter Orange, Blood Orange, White Freesia, Wild Diamond Orchids, Spicy Lily & Sandalwood. I find Stella to be sweet and happy and I like it more and more each time I try it. On me there is a very sparkly orange top note. (Think Orange Fanta, in the best possible way.) The orange dissipates quickly to a dainty floral with a little spice. I get mostly orchid to tell you the truth. The sandalwood is quite faint. (Stay tuned for more on Stella when I review the entire Tocca Fragrance Collection Sampler on Thursday.) For disclosure purposes: I purchased the sampler collection from my local Sephora.

 Next up is Missouri and the Hawthorne. For this I went with Dior's Fahrenheit. Traveling into the territory of fragrances traditionally marketed to men is always interesting for me. I mean, the man I'm married to wear Eau Duelle on a daily basis....
Hawthorn Blossom
Fahrenheit's notes are listed as the following: Bergamot, Honeysuckle, Hawthorn, Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Violet, Cedar, Patchouli & Tonka Bean. I should point out again, I am WEIRD about traditionally marketed men's fragrances, and what I'm saying is from testing it on my skin. I got absolutely nothing of what Dior is selling in Fahrenheit. The Dior website touts the fragrance with the following: "Fahrenheit embodied the pioneer spirit and was an allegory for man’s initiatory voyage, pushing back limits and defying the world. Faced with the immensity of nature and its unbridled power, a strong masculine character emerged effortlessly. Fahrenheit is manhood in the extreme.

On me (and to me for that matter) Fahrenheit smells like a hospital. Clean and clinical with a metallic gleam. I wonder what is it in the scent that's giving that affect to me? In my notes for Fahrenheit, I wrote "smells like the color grey. Cold and dry...like stainless steel. Like I said, completely contradictory to its marketing. Not good, not bad, just...well - different. For disclosure purposes: My sample of Fahrenheit was procured from my local Sephora.

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**Photo credits - in order of appearance: moodyscollectibles.com (first three photos), 50states.com, netstate.com, tocca.com, netstate.com & sephora.com

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