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Perfumed Primary Project: Nevada (Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford)

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Dear Readers...I'm a bad perfume blogger. I couldn't get my little fingers going yesterday morning to blog and after an (unexpectedly long, yet fun) impromptu dinner with my husband & friends, I was too tired to blog when I got home. So I missed the actual DAY for the  Nevada installation of the Perfumed Primary Project. Please forgive me, dear readers!

The state flower of The Silver State is the sagebrush.

Closeup of sagebrush flower - photo credit (both photos)

Sadly, I couldn't find a perfume with sagebrush as a note, so I took a BIIIIIIIIIG stretch and went with sage. (I know, I know....BAD KATHLEEN). Going with a note of sage, I chose Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver; I mean, it gives me the chance to go ahead and post some Tom Ford yumminess....

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The copy from the Tom Ford website lists the notes as "Sparkling notes of orange flower and grapefruit are wrapped in masculine aromatic sage and masculine wood. In the heart, rare orris imparts luxurious comfort that is enlivened by the spicy sexuality of nutmeg and pimento berry. The exclusive vetiver signature is brilliantly showcased by amber wood and oakmoss for an erotic effect on the skin. "

I must say, that on my skin Grey Vetiver was not for me. I love the smell off it in the bottle, or spritzed in the air, but on me it's just a little too - dare I say - for lack of a better term masculine. I could have tried it on my quite agreeable husband, but since he's tried more fragrances in the past two months than he has over the entirety of his life, I'll let his skin rest. So, any Grey Vetiver lovers out there who want to pipe up?

Again, sorry for the delay in the Nevada Nevada installment Perfumed Primary Project! Up next, this Tuesday is Colorado, Minnesota & Missouri!!! Until then, enjoy a little Nevada trivia.

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