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Boston Bloggers June Meet & Greet + World Oceans Day

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So this post isn't really a "perfumy" post, but it is a post about my perfume blog (and World Oceans Day). Yesterday evening, Anthem Boston hosted the Boston Bloggers June Meet & Greet. As I blogged about earlier in the week, I was quite anxious - but, you'll be happy to know that I had a completely splendid time! (For the record, I ended up wearing Liaisons Dangereuses!)

Everyone was super nice and easy to talk to (hey I didn't get TOO MANY bizarre looks when I mentioned that I'm GOING to be a Manta Ray in my next life), and everyone seamed quite taken by the idea of a Perfume Blog. I feel like a bit of a dunce for not having business cards. (I think I'll be spending some time of Moo Cards website this weekend!) I did get pretty tickled when someone mentioned that I should get scented business cards - you the spirit of Elle Woods scented resume in Legally Blonde.

Wait, is that like...even possible?
I also noticed that I was the only woman (and it was actually mostly women) drinking scotch. This further leads to my dame-i-fication. <--- WEIRD WORD! I also have to say that I am having TOTAL accessory envy over The Boston Fashionista's vintage, I think Whiting and Davis, snake necklace. COVET, COVET, COVET!

Many thanks to Katy and Alison for putting together a fantastic event! I can't wait for the next one.

Now...on to World Oceans Day....

Harley Kitty was pretty freaking interested when I put on my Eternal Return this morning...

Mom! That smells like ocean...and ocean has the fishies in it...NOMZ!
So I'm a bit ocean obsessed. I freely admit it! Especially in the summer, the sea water in my veins seemingly gets quite a bit more concentrated. 

The website for World Oceans Day posted several blogs for bloggers to use today. Please give it a read. It gave me a lot to think about.

Have a fantastically smelly (in the way you like it) weekend, y'all!

Overfishing/Sustainable Seafood 

June 8th is World Oceans Day, the UN-designated day for the global community to celebrate and take action for our shared ocean. Whether you’re on a coastal city or far  inland, the water around you ends up in the ocean downstream. The ocean is the great connector—no matter what country you’re from, we’re all citizens of the ocean.

The world is eating more seafood than ever, and we’re pushing the ocean and its fish to the limit. According to the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of ocean species are overfished, and some types of commercial fishing catch up to seven times more unwanted fish than targeted species.
In honor of World Oceans Day, take action this June 8th to help fight overfishing!

Savor the seafood
Limit fish consumption to a few special meals a month and choose species that are abundant and fished or farmed with minimal harm to the surrounding environment. We can eat well and do good at the same time.

Make ocean-friendly choices 
Remember to eat locally caught species when possible. For those in the US, check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide or download the Seafood Watch app to find some sustainable seafood recommendations. You can also check out the international WWF’s seafood guides for global recommendations.

Choose your fish wisely
Eating fish is generally healthy but many fish species are contaminated with mercury and other pollutants. Children and pregnant women, in particular, should be extra careful when choosing seafood. Check KidSafeSeafood and be safe!

Buy from ethical companies; ask your local grocers and chefs to do the same

Vote with your wallet by supporting companies that show a real commitment to protecting the environment. Fish2Fork has a guide to ethical restaurants in several countries, and visit to link up sustainable buyers and sellers.

Make your voice heard!

Tell your political representatives that overfishing is an issue you can about, want them to act on, and you’ll vote on. Sign petitions, weigh in with opportunities for public comment, and email or write your representatives. You can also check out some organized movements addressing overfishing such as WWF’s More Fish campaign and Hugh’s Fish Fight! Take action online and in your community to raise awareness!

Cut down on your meat consumption

As much a third of the annual global catch is ‘forage fish’ which become fish meal—much of which is then used to raise cows, chickens and pigs in factory farms, as well as some aquacultured species, like farmed salmon. By cutting down on your meat consumption, you will reduce demand for these forage fish which are a vital component of the complex oceanic food web.

Screen a fish film

Film is a great way to spread the word about the overfishing problem. Consider showing a documentary such as The End of the Line at home, in your school, community center, or place of worship. There are hundreds of events being held all over the world, find one near you and celebrate with a purpose this World Oceans Day! You can also go the extra mile and organize an event yourself using ideas and free materials provided at!

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  1. you should definitely hand out scented Moo cards. not sure about copyright stuffs, etc but since you can put a different image on each of the 100 cards what about iconic perfume bottle shapes/logos?

    loved meeting you last night - cheers!

    1. I know! Copyright stuff is so tricky and not really in my area of expertise. I really need to find someone who is good at Photoshop to do my logo!

      Lovely meeting you as well!

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