Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For The Manta Ray: CB I Hate Perfume's Ocean / Eternal Return

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It's Manta Ray time! Just in case you didn't know, I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that I'm going to be a Manta Ray in my next time. I mean...come on! You get to fly both in and out of the water: HOW F'ING BOSS IS THAT!?!?!?

I've been writing quit a bit about marine animals and perfume this summer. You see, I had this dream where I was a Manta Ray and my two best friends were a Narwhal and Sea Turtle. Upon waking up I realized that the Non Nordic Avocado was the Narwhal and Dear Friend was the Sea Turtle. In my quest for the perfect "Manta Ray Perfume" I came across the perfect scents for both the Narwhal and the Sea Turtle. The Narwhal got Lutens' new-ish L'Eau Froide and The Sea Turtle got Profumum's Aqua Di Sale.

 But what for the Manta Ray? I wanted my "Manta Ray Perfume" to be something effortless and light, as well poetically evocative of it's oceanic habitat. This is why I went with CB I Hate Perfume's Ocean / Eternal Return. Plus I really, REALLY found the name to perfectly conjure the feelings one would want for a perfume to evoke the creature that on wants to be in their next life to wear in their current life. (Most. Convoluted. Sentence. EVER!)

While it smells very "real" - it's not "photo-realistic" - if that makes sense. To me it smells like a dream of being suspended in water clean all those clean and light fragrances just swimming past. Here's what the CB I Hate Perfume website has to say:

Eternal Return is the scent of sailing toward the shore. It is a blend of Fresh Ocean Air, Wooden Ship and a faint hint of Cypress Trees growing on the cliff above the water...

I don't get above the water, I get IN the water. I really think it's because that's what I want to smell. The faint bit of cypress goes slightly sweet on me which I enjoy, and the "fresh ocean air" isn't very salty.  Just a hint. My only qualm is that Ocean / Eternal Return is a tad fleeting, but I do understand given the light nature off and light hand in which the notes are used. All in all, my perfect Manta fragrance.

Oh, by this way, I have the sample in the absolute rather than the water perfume. Does anyone have any thoughts or preferences on the to in CB's line?

In Manta Ray related news, I've had the itch recently for a new tattoo and I'm very seriously thinking of getting a Manta one! I already have three - which you have to know me PRETTY WELL to see them. I never get anything ginormous and they always have significance to me. I'm thinking of gifting the Manta Ray tattoo to myself for my birthday in early September, when I will once again be turning "Old Enough To Know I Should Know Better."


 Question time! Do you year or yearn any fragrances that make you think of your vision for the afterlife? Are you a tattoo person? If so, are they highly significant? (ooooohhhh....fragranced tattoo ink....) Comment below!

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