Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comfort 101 - Part 1

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I'm back, and probably not better than ever, but the important thing is: I'm back! Thanks to all the sweet messages and stuff from everyone. Perfume People are Good People, but that's another blog for another day.

Yes...I freakin' hate the dentist...a lot. Like, a completely irrational hate. I'd like to say, "it's all over now", but it's not... I'll get everything taken care of, but this isn't It's FREAKIN' PERFUME BLOG! (Today's No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 is brought to you by the work "freakin'".)

Today we're talking comfort. Particularly comfort perfumes, but here are some things I find comforting in general:

1) Mashed Potatoes
2) Ginger
3) Harry Potter
4) The smell of vanilla.

Over the past week, I've had enough mashed potatoes for quite some time, but seriously WHO doesn't feel comforted after eating a big, creamy bowl of mashed potatoes? Well, I guess if you're allergic to potatoes, but really who's allergic to potatoes? Or if you're Lactose Intolerant... Well, OK...I love mashed potatoes and find them insanely comforting.

Then there's ginger. I find its spicy sweet fragrance to be comforting. Then there's ginger-ale. I crave it when I'm sick. Bubbly to settle the stomach but not too spicy. Sadly, soda post dental work isn't the best idea for healing, so I didn't really get to utilize that. The Bath and Body works Orange Ginger Body Wash has brought me comfort in some times of GREAT stress. (Another story, another time.) Needless to say, I try to save that one for when I really need the big guns. Oh, Bath and Body works...I really liked the old packaging better!

Then there's Harry Freakin' Potter! I'm a Harry Potter Fan Girl! (Yes, I realize this makes me sound all of about 15, but I don't care.) I started reading the Harry Potter books at probably what was the darkest time in my life, when I just wanted to fall into another world. It was something that I could read quickly and easily, but feel quite emotionally invested in. The were a WONDERFUL source of escapism. I needed something to escape from where I was, but needed to be where I was to get out of that dark space I was in. That chapter in my life passed, but I was still a total Potterhead. Yep, Al and I were those crazy people who pre-ordered TWO copies of the final book, picked it up at midnight, and sat in separate rooms of our apartment reading it until finished. Yes. We are THOSE people!

Whenever I don't feel well, I tend to gravitate towards watching the Harry Potter movies on DVD. I tend to always skip the second movie. Once you know the entire story, that one just seams to be a little pointless in movie form and it moves quite slowly. For the record. My favorite scene in both the books and the movies is the scene about the Sorting Ceremony. Sorting my friend!

This time I decided to mix things up a bit. A while back I had watched Team Starkid's A Very Potter Musical, which I found to be quite funny. Monday evening I decided to start watching A Very Potter Sequel, which I find to be HYSTERICALLY HILARIOUS! OMG UMBRIDGE!

Yes, I caught myself on the T yesterday as I rode into work singing along to "I'm Harry Freakin' Potter" - yep, I'm that "kid"!

Seriously, if you haven't watched it; scroll to 6m15sec, and watch. You'll be hooked!

I'm going to make "Comfort 101" a two-parter. I've rambled long enough, tomorrow I'll ACTUALLY talk about perfume. (Well, I DID talk about the smell of ginger.) However, what all I talked about today opens us up to a lot of fun discussion. What are your go to comfort givers? Harry Potter person? Discuss in the comments with me!

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