Thursday, June 21, 2012

Y'all Said It Was OK!

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Scents of Self, Emily's Going Nuts, and Undina's Looking Glass said it was OK, so here we go....

I love the smell of vanilla when I don't feel well. That is all. Actually not; even though the situations are different, I sympathize with C.J. in this episode of The West Wing. COME ON MONDAY & GO GO GADGET ANTIBIOTICS!

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  1. Awwww... Great picture.

    You won't believe but I actually have a multi-part comment to your post ;)

    First - I really sympathize, I had my share of root canals :(

    Second - West Wing is one of my all-time most favorite series: not only I cite it periodically or reminisce on different situations from it but in my house it became some type of a standard: e.g. "it's almost as good as WW" (about a new TV show).

    And finally, I use vanilla perfume from Yves Rocher when I'm not feeling good: it's pleasant but at the same time I'm not affraid to taint it with my malady.

    Get better soon!!!

    ~ Undina ~

  2. WOO-HOO! Multi-part comment!

    Thanks, I'm not having a root canal, but I am having a cracked tooth that I let go WAY too long and got super infected extracted on Monday. I look like a 1/2 chipmunk. WOW! Skin on the face REALLY can stretch! They're supposed to do the extraction on Monday.

    I LOVE the West Wing. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite series EVER! (With Mad Men as a close second.) Going to bed night before last I could not get the Root Canal scene out of my head! Yesterday I watche the episode after coming home from the oral surgeon.

    I've never smelled the Yves Rocher vanilla. I actually don't have that many, and I fear I'm about to "use them up" during this little bout.

    Thanks so much for the well wishes! Perfume people are SO nice! :o)

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