Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fetch Me My Smelling Salts

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I hear ya Aunt Pittypat!
"I'll take weird and worrisome weeks for $1,000, Alex." Yeah...story of my week, and it's only Wednesday. Thankfully things should be really looking up from here, but I wanted to share a funny - yet oddly stinky - story from Monday.

Summertime in Boston ushers in many things: great people watching, lifted mood due to everyone getting adequate sun exposure, and the perma-stank of the MBTA that won't really lift until after Move In Weekend at the beginning of September.

What happened on the T this particular ride, FAR EXCEEDED perma-stank status. I was about 8-ish stops into my trip when I man gets on the T, completely clean looking who REEKED OF SKUNK! He walks past me, into another car...BUT I CAN STILL FLIPPIN' SMELL HIM!

I dive my hand into my over-sized and over-priced handbag to fetch my little zip up bag that holds my pocket knife, AZ-O Standard, and whatever perfume I'm carrying at any given moment. Usually it's two solids, a travel spray and multiple samples. This day was no exception; Vanillary to the rescue!

Stay strong vanilla protector, stay strong!
It was almost comical how much I was sniffing this perfume as I sat there riding the subway. Much like in days of old ladies would reach for their smelling salts to keep from fainting. I mean, I was pretty damned close to passing out from the smell. I really do wonder if this man had been sprayed by a skunk - I mean, who gets on the train after you've been sprayed by a skunk - James (of Bartles and James) thinks it may have just been really cheap weed. Given the neighborhood the odoriferous offender boarded the T, I think she just may be right!

Anyone ever been in a similar situation? How did you cope? Share with me in the comment, please!

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  1. Oh, my. I'm glad you had perfume in your purse! I was probably not smelling to fabulous when I ran a 400-person banquet in an un-air-conditioned building the other day. I am hoping dowsing myself in OJ Frangipani helped keep my perspiring self a bit more bearable to others who hadn't been running around all day getting ready...

  2. I normally do a little spritz on my scarf so I can bury my nose in it for situations just like that, but it's getting a little too warm here, even for light weight scarves!

    I hope you banquet went smashingly and I'm sure you smelled fab with all the OJ Frangipani! :o)

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