Sunday, June 3, 2012

Intimate Thoughts of Al Hood

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Al & the kids.
Happy Sunday evening dear readers! I hope you all had a fun and fragrance filled weekend. Just a quick little post to tell you that my darling husband has started his own blog. It's been a running joke from his best friend for quite some time now that the inner workings of Al's mind would make for an EXCELLENT sitcom, and I tend to agree. For the time being though, they'll be a blog!

Here's what Al says you can expect....

"...[E]xpect me to express my political opinions, my observations on life, pop culture, friends, family, Boston, Texas, North Carolina, sports, poker...and whatever I feel like.  You likely will NOT be reading anything about work, except in broad generalities.  The reason for this is simple: this is a public forum (my public forum, but public), and my job pays the bills. Thus, while I'm sure there are a lot of situations I could vent, talk, or ruminate on, I won't simply because I like getting a paycheck every two weeks...and I actually like where I work, too..."

I kinda wonder if my perfume "love" will be snarkily commented on. That would actually make me happy! :o) So pay Mr. Hood's blog a visit, if you will. Also, follow him on twitter, @albhood

See you all in the morning with a bright and shiny Musical Monday!

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