Friday, June 29, 2012

Take This Job and Shove It! I Mean...Congrats Mom!

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I was all set to sit down and type out Comfort 101 - Part 2, to go with the relatively non-perfume centric Comfort 101 - Part from yesterday....and then it hit me: MUST BLOG ABOUT MOM'S RETIREMENT TODAY! Yes dear No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 readers, today is the day that my Mom officially tells the world to "take this job and shove it!!!!!!"

Mom's worked for the State of Texas in some form or another in pretty much all of her working career. Before I was born she worked for the State in both Food Stamps and Day Care Licensing (which is why my sister and I never spent one hour in day care). Once I was born, Mom stayed at home with me - and then my sister - until I think my sister was about six. She then went back to work for the Lamar University System: first starting at one of the small two year schools as coordinator for the Job Partnership Training Act. Once that grant ran out she did testing, then transferred to another of the two year branches to do advising, then finishing back at testing. My Mom is literally the nicest person, like.....EVER! I can't imagine anyone NOT enjoying working with her. Although, I'm pretty sure in my Mom's brain - she's had some 9 to 5 like mental fantasies! (You know, where the animated woodland creatures help them kill their boss and Lily Tomlin is dressed up like Snow White?)

I asked my Mom what she was going to do in her retirement, like what hobbies she was looking forward to enjoying. She really didn't have any clue; she's honestly spent so much of her time doing for others, it'll be really nice for her to have some time just to have for her! I've already been on my Dad - where I can interject it into the conversation - that he needs to allow Mom to have the time and space to ENJOY her retirement! I have this secret hope (OK, not so secret NOW) that I'll send her enough obscure perfume samples that she can't readily access in SETX, and she'll develop fume-head-esque tendencies and she"ll fly up here and we'll frolic around Boston and NYC on perfume filled adventures! OK...a gal can dream!

In my Mom's honor, I'll be digging out my sample of Cashmere Mist to wear today. It really reminds me of my mother for some reason. You can head all about it in my review, here! Mom...if you're reading (and I know you are, because you're about to be emailed this link) CONGRATS! Enjoy your day! I've mailed you presents, which you will be given in due time! ;-) But most importantly....enjoy telling them all to...... (Everybody sing now...)

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  1. ha, well, I'm also a State of Texas employee... so this hit home with me.

    Also, I almost hate to say this, but not all daycares are bad. We working mamas don't need to carry that guilt - we already get it in a million ways. Just sayin'.

  2. ROFL! I was skimming and thought you said your mom was SEXTing!!!

    Susan, I bet a person who's seen a lot of bad daycares would be pretty leery of them all; I can understand that. In our case, our kids were much better off at an excellent daycare (full or half-time at various points); they needed far more stimulation than I could ever hope to provide. I've never felt the slightest bit of guilt about using daycare and you shouldn't either! (I suspect the blogger's mom was *much* better at life with small children than I was!)

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