Saturday, June 2, 2012

For The Sea Turtle: Aqua di Sale

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Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! Yeah, yeah....I've explained in an earlier post that I'm COMPLETELY CONVINCED that I'm going to be a Manta Ray. Well, what's a Manta Ray to do with out her girlfriends!?!?! And yes, dear readers, it came to me in a dream....the Non-Nordic Avocado is going to come back as a Narwhal (L'Eau Froide please!) and Dear Friend will be joining the party as a Sea Turtle.

I thought I loved turtles. After all, the mascot of the band sorority I was in (fear not for my outside of the Music Building social life because I DID pledge a social sorority....although the band one brought me more adventures...) was the turtle. However, Dear Friend / Future Sea Turtle REALLY loves turtles. She kinda squeals and "aaawwwsss" at the same time when she sees them. (Then again, I call the turtle "friend" and talk to him/her as he/she swims by like we're long lost friends...then again, I'm a little cray cray!") By the way, did you know that sea turtles like brussel sprouts?!?! Well, they do! At least the ones at the New England Aquarium do!

Just like being a narwhal really fits the Non-Nordic Avocado, I really think being a sea turtle fits Dear Friend. A bit of a shell on the outside that protects her from harm, but on the inside...all soft and squishy; all in all totally adorable. The question begs to be asked, what kind of "aquatic" fragrance would a sea turtle wear? I settled on Aqua di Sale from Roman perfume house Profumum.

Aqua di Sale smells like what I imagine and hope (in a dreamlike alternate universe) what a female sea turtle's shell smells like as she is headed back to the surf after laying her eggs on some beautiful sandy beach.

***Side bar - For some reason I feel the need to be smoking a clove cigarette while writing this post. WEIRD, HUH? Maybe it's the music I'm listening to....

Smile, DAMN IT!!!
Back to Aqua di Sale! I figured since sea turtles spend YEARS swimming all over the ocean, their shell would have acquired a rather briny smell. In my fantasy land it's not tempered with dead fish guts and whale Aqua di Sale / Turtle land, there's myrtle, cedarwood and marine algae in addition to the caked on and dried out sea water on that turtle shell. (And in No Disassemble Charlie No. 5 land, there - for tonight anyway - is no traditional sentence structure. I blame the Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka; but it's seriously good y'all, you should buy a bottle!)

The best way I can describe Aqua di Sale is the following: if Bronze Goddess is a day at the beach, then Aqua di Sale IS the beach.

One of my favorite things about Aqua di Sale is the consistency. It's got some, well for lack of a better term, heft. It's seriously viscous, but in a good way. I think it accompanies the briny quality of the juice very well. Perhaps it's an odd observation, but I like it.

Sadly, Aqua di Sale is the most pricey of the aquatics I've been trying at $240/100ml. I guess that appropriate, given Dear Friend / Sea Turtle's taste! If this ends up being "the one" on my aquatics quest, I'll be getting a small decant.

Now, back to my Peanut Butter and Jelly vodka. It's Saturday night after all!

Aqua di Sale is Thing 1 approved
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