Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart! (Ys Uzac)

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I'll keep this relatively simple and to the point: I can't freaking wait to try perfumes from the Swiss line Ys Uzac! A perfume line done by a former symphonic cellist? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! This is something I can TOTALLY wrap my head around.

Mr. Micotti sums up his feelings on perfumery with an eloquently put quote:

“In perfume creation what fascinates me is the possibility to project the most abstract concepts into emotions yet remaining within an intangible artwork." 

 Eek! So well put! Thank you, thank you! No onto the juice...

Here are the scents in the order I want to try them:
1) Monodie - Modern Minimalism
2) Pohadka -  Individual Statement
3) Metaboles - Ultra Expressive
4) Lale - Air and Imagination

Has anyone tried any/all of the Ys Uzac line? If so, what were you impressions. If not, are you planning on trying them? What do you think of Mr. Micotti's mental portrait of perfumery? Discuss!

I will be ordering the samples from the second my pay check hit my account tomorrow. YAY!

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