Monday, May 21, 2012

Perfuming The Posy: Lincolnshire That Is (Mvt 6 - The Lost Lady Found)

*Current Fragrance: L'Ombre dans l'Eau by Diptyque
*Currently Listening: The Lost Lady Found - Royal College of Music Wind Orchestra Recording

Dear Non-Nordic Avocado,

     Please do not be cross with me for writing about the 6th and not the 5th movement, as you suggested, today. I was in the mood to write about spine and not nads.

          Your Friend,


Happy Musical Monday to all! We're back to Perfuming The Posy: Lincolnshire that is. So far we've scented movements I, III and IV. Today will be taking a look at the final movement, The Lost Lady Found. Take a listen.

Without getting all music nerd all up in this blog, I'll just sum my thoughts up with this: Grainger got full use of the folk melodies that he set - take a listen.

I find, and have for quite some time, Themes from "Green Bushes" to be much more interesting than Lost Lady found. Then again, it has the TIME to be much more interesting. Use that setting to close Lincolnshire Posy and it just wouldn't work. It would go on too long and the proportions of the work as a whole would just be wonky. Too wonky for Grainger. Yes...I do believe that is possible. (Reed Marking Warrior, that link was for YOU!)

I wanted something for this movement that was sturdy and a bit bracing at times. The Lost Lady Found has a good spine to her. If I may digress; I find that when writing about subjective and non-tangible things (i.e. fragrance & music) I use body parts as a reference point. It helps ground things in a language that we can all pull from some sort of common reference. I'm resisting the urge to write what my visual representation for this movement is, because well - this is a  perfume blog and not a music blog - if you DO want to know, please as in the comments.

Bracing, but not harsh, this movement is far from being all British-y in a frock and bonnet; I decided to scent this movement with Diptyque's L'Ombre dans l'Eau. Blackcurrant leaves and roses. I'm currently lusting (hard core) after a full bottle of this one. I should mention that I am what one might call a Card Carrying Blackcurrant Hoe! If there is black currant in there, I'm gonna like it and want it.

*FWIW - I love the new Diptyque bottle and how it mimics the logo.

I've had a small sample of this that I've been savoring for quite a while now. My trip to NYC earlier in the Spring (hey, it's not Memorial Day YET) resulted in my purchasing a Baies (same scent) candle at the GORGEOUSLY appointed Bleecker St. Diptyque Boutique. I have to admit. I'm a big ol' Diptyque fan. Oyedo was my first ever niche fragrance (it'll be 10 years ago this September), Eau Rose is SUCH a lovely rose solifloral, Philosyskos makes me want to snuggle with a Teddy Bear (as all good fig scents do), and my husband wears Eau Duelle. Now...back to L'Ombre dans l'Eau....

The reason I chose LODE for this movement is that it's green without being medicinal, too herb-y, or makes you smell too much like your George or Jane of the Jungle. Here's what it smells like to me: the opening is like...well if after a rain you snapped a few very green leaves in half and then sort of crush/rub them between your thumbs and pointer finger. The verdant green starts to fade after the initial blast; as if you mixed those muddled leaves with some rose petals you've done the same thing to in a jar of un-sweetened blackcurrant preserves. Any sweetness in L'Ombre dans l'Eau is all "natures works" and on the exceptionally minuscule site. It's fresh without having a drop a citrus. Fresh and bracing - much like Grainger's The Lost Lady Found.

Clearly I'm a total Diptyque Fan Girl! Are you? What are yours? Tell me in the comments below. Also, what are your favorite "green" scents? Comment away!

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  1. I don't know enough Dyptique to say I'm a fangirl, but I like what I've tried. I do love L'Ombre dans L'Eau...

    1. I want a full bottle SO BADLY! I really love the whole Diptyque aesthetic. It's very clean and streamlined. Elegantly minimalistic. I always smell what they say I'm going to smell.

      Sadly, Oyedo irritated my skin. That was almost 10 years ago. Perhaps things have changed.

  2. I also love LODLE, as I too am a blackcurrant ho. And there's a bottle of Philosykos on my boyf's dresser.

    I must say I'm not sure about the bottle change yet -- I love the solidity of the big blocky bottles. It seems like they could never tip over, unlike Lutens's spindly little bottles.

    1. The glass looks to be pretty thick. So I'm HOPING they'll be pretty sturdy. Not sure if Barney's here has the new bottles yet.