Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sniffy Mother's Day!

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Ezra, Harley & I would like to wish a Very Happy Mother's Day to all whom it applies: Mom, Step-Mom, Grandmother, God Mother, Mother Figure, Furbaby Mom!! See they really DO mean it...

Ezra: "Oh, hai! Happy Motherz Dai! Don't worrz, Mom movie the lilies, so I couldn't nom them."
Harley: "Haaaaiiii.... I'm a little mopey, becauz Dadz not here to help me buy Momz gift. I'm bad with the internetz. COME HOME DAD!!!"
I'd like to pay tribute to my Mom and what "sniffs" make me think of her. My Mom is so incredibly kind, yet secretly sarcastic. When she lets a really good jab out for the universe to hear, you can't help but instantly stop in your tracks and double over. It's just such a sharp contrast to her otherwise insanely pleasant disposition. I really don't think my Mom has any enemies. She has aged INCREDIBLY well! Loves the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Alabama and John Phillip Sousa Marches. Robert Redford is her imaginary boy friend. My Mom raised my sister and and with kindness, compassion, forgiveness and a sense of fun and whimsy.

Isn't she adorable?

Growing up my Mom wore Charlie, this PARTIALLY explains the name of the blog. I spoke of my Mom and Charlie in No. Disassemble Charlie No. 5's first post:

As a girl, my mom wore Charlie as her perfume, and if you're somewhere between the ages of 30 & 35 (like I am - I seriously forget how old I am, and this is by design, so I don't obsess over it. That makes me sound daft, perhaps I should have just disclosed that...), I'm sure your Mom did too. As a little girl, I would sit Indian-style on the floor outside of the bathroom (most likely singing something at the TOP of my lungs) in our mobile home (yep, mobile home) and adoringly watch her put on her makeup, fix her hair, and then spritz Charlie at the very end. I would smile in delight as the tiniest geranium, jasmine, rose, mossy woods, sandalwood, oakmoss, and musk scented droplets hit my skin. I didn't smell like a little girl anymore, I smelled like a GROWN UP LADY! I smelled like my Mom....and THAT was awesome! I also had this little habit (Mom, in case you're wondering what was really happening) of stealing my Mom's perfume bottles. Not full bottles, like...when they had a millimeter of two of liquid left in them...I'd tuck them away in my room where my Mom wouldn't find them (I remember a favorite hiding place of bottle was under the pillow in the crib for my baby dolls), but only after I sprayed all of my Barbie's hair w/ Charlie. (Wow! I was SUCH a girl!)

Next time Mom visits Boston, I'm taking her on a total perfume expedition! She's been fragrancing herself with body spray and lotion only for quite some time. I'm going to spoil her with some proper perfume. I have this feeling that she would love Cashmere Mist, but the possibilities are ENDLESS!

So what are your fragrant memories of your Mom? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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