Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scenting Glee: Part 4

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Welcome to the fourth installment of Scenting Glee! Today I'll be finding fragrances for Artie, Tina, Mike Chang and Trouty Mouth (I mean Sam). Curious about some of the other characters? Check out Part 1 (Mr. Schue, Emma, Rachel, Finn & Sure),  Part 2 (Kurt, Blaine, Quinn, Mercedes & Puck) and Part 3 (Santana & Brittany).

Lets roll right into things with Artie Abrams...see what I did there...? Wait...bad joke... Anyhow...

Artie Abrams
I would have been friends with Artie in High School. I adore his high quirk factor and his fusion of pulp culture knowledge and insult deflecting self deprecation. Going with the total quirk factor he's got going on, I IMMEDIATELY though of Artie being a Demeter kind of guy. I decided to go with the herbal freshness and bite of Gin & Tonic for Artie, which - naturally - would be accompanied by him busting out an Acapella version of Snoop's Gin & Juice. You TOTALLY know that's how it would be, yo!

Tina Cohen-Chang
Tina isn't nearly as goth as she was when Glee started. Nonetheless, I wanted to give her something that I view as super-femme to offset the more goth aspects of her outer shell and reflect the sunny person within. Citrus was to super literal, so I went with the powdery mimosa of Bulgari Pour Femme. Honestly this one has been stuck in my brain for Tina from the very moment I decided to write this little scenting series.

Mike Chang
Oh Mike "Other Asian" Chang, you've come a long way since the very beginning of the series! I've really enjoyed watching the arc that the writers have taken him on the past three seasons. I was a little perplexed as what fragrance to give him. Then I thought of his and Tina's relationship; they're pretty much tied at the hip. Since she wear Bulgari's Pour Femme, I thought it fitting that Mike would wear a Bulgari as well. For him, I'm going to go with Bulgari's Black - tea and rubber, in the best possible way!

Sam Evans
*Trouty Mooooouuuuuuuttttttthhhh* Otherwise known as my favorite under-age male exotic dancer....or Sam Evans, whatever you like. Sam's sweet. A tad on the simple side, but sweet, and exceedingly pretty to look at. Pretty Boy Evans gets mad props (ok, the writers get the props) for being totally smitten with the curvalious diva that is Mercedes. Given that Sam had remarked on how nice Mercedes smells, plus the fact that I've decided she'd be a Mugler gal, I'm going to say that Sam would wear Mugler's A*Men. I like the idea of the initial blast of energetic peppermint that melds and mellow, yielding the comforting kick of a coffee note.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday, when I do my final installment of the Scenting Glee series, that will coincide with the airing of the Glee Season 3 Finale!!

Oh! Before you go, yesterday was No Disassemble Charlie No. 5's 100th post!!!!! :-) I'm celebrating by a naming contest of my newest contributors (who I'm just calling Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the moment) as well as a fun little giveaway. Click here to read all about it!

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