Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disturbed Herbal: Jade by Olivier Durbano

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I found out about Olivier Durbano's perfumes from Victoria of EauMG. I was enchanted by the idea of a jeweler who also created perfumes. I thought that would be a very interesting vantage point to start the creative process. Being as that Jade is the only on I've sniffed, I can't really comment on any type of common thread of olfactory personality. Ordered a sample of Jade when I was in the search for the perfect mint/tea scent. It was most assuredly my favorite of the lot I smelled. Everything else was too polite. Actually, Jade is one of my favorite things I've sniffed in the past couple of months.

Green, woody, clean and medicinal; Jade smells like a super-chic and super-dark Barber's Shop to me. The color even makes me think of Barbacide, if Barbacide was green and not blue. It's pretty much what I think Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop would would smell like. O.K. minus the human-y goodness of the meat pies Mrs. Lovett is cooking up below... But I hear they're delicious. Try the Priest! (Best lyrics from a musical...EVER!)

There's a big, fresh, minty blast at the opening. The herbs (star anise, mint, cardamom, and Chinese cinnamon) are where I think I'm getting the medicinal quality, while the woods and amber darkens. It's refreshing, but not in a sparkling clean sort of way. There's a sinister agenda to it as well, which I think comes from the patchouli, vetiver and immortale. It's the sinister element that makes it so interesting and fun. (If I fragrance that I equate with a barber slitting throats could be considered fun.) I like that there's just enough tea that hangs around to keep it grounded and oddly comforting.

I just wish it was MUCH less expensive, and stayed a little "meatier" (oooh, bad pun) on the skin for just a little bit longer.  Overall though, I'm really a fan! Darkly refreshing. Disturbed Herbal.

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