Friday, May 18, 2012

Clinique's Happy: The Top 20 Women's Fragrances of 2011 - A Scents of Self Production

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See... I'm doing these top 20. Slowly but surely. Up to bat today: Clinique's Happy.

1) Prior Experience: It was released my in 1997; the HS/College transition year for me. Whenever I smell Happy, I immediate think "social Sorority Rush", and then immediately feel the need to dress myself in red and dark green and put on some pearls. I've never worn Happy, but enough people around me did for me to very strongly associate it with a very particular time in my life.

2) Thoughts Now: It's rather difficult for me to objectively talk about perfume that I've got some (older) prior experience with. Well, how objectively can one talk about perfume anyhow? (It's liquid, comes in a bottle, and is sold at stores. Damn! Most boring perfume review....EVER!) I mean, Happy is incredibly aptly named. It's sheer and fleeting. (Much like happiness. Sorry, feeling a tad on the cynical side right now.) I understand why it's so fleeting; tons of citrus, and the base notes aren't the typical kind of "anchoring" base notes. Magnolia and Mimosa is about about as "deep" as it get with Happy.

3) Could I See Myself Wearing This Perfume: Yes. For occasions like the one's I'd wear Daisy for. Those would be outdoor occasions during the summer. I have this feeling that Happy would go well with several reapplications of sunscreen. Plus, if I'm out in the sun that me, I'll need an olfactory reminder for joy. Save a few choice instances....

4) So Kathleen, Would You Actually Buy A Bottle: Perhaps. If it works out that I'll have a good deal of outdoor events, I think I'll take the Happy plunge, since my roller-ball of Daisy is getting pretty low!

5) What Did Al Say: "It smells like perfume. Light perfume. Like something someone would pick when they didn't want to smell perfume-y."

6) What About the Smelling Strip: DAMN IT! I keep forgetting to do that!

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  1. Are you an Alpha Chi Omega? :)

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