Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Can't Have Blue Bell, But I CAN Have Nom-Worthy Fragrances!

*Current Fragrance: Boyfriend by Kate Walsh
*Currently Listening: Spice Up Your Life by The Spice Girls (CAUSE IT'S AWESOME!)

This all started with a text conversation between my husband and I, as I was riding the train home from work. (He's Texas on business for, well at this point, a little less than two weeks are left.)

Me: I'm thinking it's a McDonald's night.

Husband: Awesome

Me: For real?

Husband: Hey, whatever you feel like. I'm making some chicken and corn tonight...but I managed to procure some Blue Bell Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

Me: *insert non-family-friendly expletive here*

Husband: *insert Mr. Yuck Face emoticon here* Hey, at least YOU get Mad Men tonight

Me: I was going to get Ice cream!

Husband: Then get some!

Me: I guess I can get off the train twice.

Husband: (sigh)

Me: I know!

Husband: You are so tortured

*Two excursions of the train to a grocery store and McDonald's later...*

Me: Ben & Jerry's, red wine and McDonald's.

Husband: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha

Me: Love you too.

Husband: That's just a weird combo

Me: Sounded good!

Husband: Alrighty then

Me: *thumbs up emoticon*

Husband: I mean :)

And then he sends this....


 Blue Bell is an Ice Cream that is made in Brenham, TX. It is the ice cream that I think of when I think ice cream (if that makes any sense). I'm a Mint Chocolate Chip and Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla kind of gal. I really don't think that you can find Blue Bell too far outside of Texas. Al got hooked on the stuff during our years living in TX while I was finishing my undergrad and getting my Master's. There's other ice cream brands that I like perfectly fine, but they're just not Blue Bell. Seriously, if you get a chance to try it, do's that good!

Which brings me to perfumes. I've been trying to feed my longing for Blue Bell with some of my more vanilla-y/gourmand-y fragrances. Here's what's been doing the trick....

Vanillary Solid Perfume by Gorilla Perfume for Lush: I really love this caramely vanilla that has just a whisper of jasmine, which to me, keeps it from smelling like it belongs on a 13 year old. I like the way the formulation of the solid reacts with my skin. PLUS it almost makes me feel like I'm actually rubbing some sort of yummy confection on my skin. This solid lives in my purse. If I need to fragrance myself on the fly for something that I'm not sure what to do, I feel that this is always a solid (pardon the pun) bet.

Boyfriend by Kate Walsh: I've been reaching for this one a lot since Al's been gone. It's the closest thing in MY collection to his daytime scent, Eau Duelle. (By the way, LOVE the new Diptyque bottles!) I'm rather fond of Boyfriend's well...sultry snuggle factory. That vanilla in here doesn't really read dirty or sleazy...but it's not exactly PG, either. If I were cooking something that smelled like Boyfriend, my instincts would be to put cinnamon or something in it. I'd think it was a great idea, but it would actually ruin it. I have Boyfriend in a little roller ball, which is nice because I don't really think it's the type of scent I'd want to actually spritz. Sadly it sometimes takes a little too much pressure to get the roller ball going. Does anyone else have this problem?

Eau Fling by Harvey Prince: I got this from Ari at Scents of Self. Reading the note list, I thought it was going to be either a total hit or a complete hot mess of a miss. Jasmine, lavender, pumpkin pie? Sure...why not!?!? This one is a sweet guilty pleasure for me. It's sweet and bubbly at the same time. Sadly it doesn't hang around long on my skin. :-/ Also, I don't know how much I believe in the modern day "love potion" that it claims to be...anyone out there road tested this? (Perhaps I should do a little social science experiment out one night with some of my single girl friends? No...that could ONLY end in tears! See readers...I'm evil, just not PURE evil!) Eau Fling is a nice sweet treat without smelling overtly of vanilla or smelling like thirteen year old girl at the mall. You couldn't PAY be enough to be 13 again, and sometimes I just don't want vanilla ice cream, OK!?!?

There is one fragrance that I haven't smelled before, but with my current Blue Bell wanting obsession; I'm REALLY wanting to, and it's Alien Carnal Sensuality from Mugler's The Taste of Fragrance Collection. Alien with salted butter caramel? NOMZ!!!! Has anyone tried it?

How am I doing dear readers? Have I missed anything that will help deal with my Blue Bell-less Blues? What are your favorite nom-worthy scents? Do you ever substitute something you can't have with fragrance? Leave me your thoughts in the comments, please!

*Currently Listening: Bye Bye Bye by *NSync
**Photo Credit: My husband's cell phone


  1. I have briefly smelled the Alien Taste of Fragrance and liked it. Can't comment in a very detailed way, though. :P

    I am really wanting the rollerball of Boyfriend and Billionaire Boyfriend right now...

    And I had Bluebell ice cream last night! yum. Cherry cheesecake is not a flavor I have tried yet; it sounds faboo!

    1. I think I may have to order a sample of the Alien's either going to be so right or so wrong!

      I LOVE the original B'friend. B. B'friend did nothing for me other than saying, "yuck" and walking away, but...that's just me.

      Which flavor did you have??? Isn't it just the best!?!?! As it gets closer to Al coming home I'm going to text-bomb him with the following statement: BLUEBELL. GAS STATION ICE CHEST. DRY ICE. DO IT!!!!!!

  2. I used to love Blue Bell and lamented its unavailability in Boston for years. Now that I'm in Denver and can find it in stores, it seems almost every flavor contains wheat gluten, to which I've developed an allergy. Waahh!