Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things? (Part 1)

Because we're "fat" or "plus - sized"?!??!

Let me explain. I'm not just ranting, I promise. Something absolutely glorious and stupendous happened this past Saturday after work: I walking into Macy's and for the first time in FOURTEEN YEARS purchased an article on clothing from the "regular sizes" department!!! Now granted, they are leggings...but they were a freaking MEDIUM! Regular ladies medium. It should be known though that I chose Macy's that I knew if I really didn't need a regular ladies large like I thought I needed, I knew there was a Plus Sized section that I could go to in the store. At the moment, there are a total of 4 stores in Boston proper where I can buy plus sized clothing: Macy's, Marhsall's, Lord and Taylor (where I REFUSE to shop - another story for another time) and Saks Fifth Avenue. There used to be five...Filene's Basement when it was still in business and I would have VERY good luck there. I was so sad to see it close its doors.

But be still my beating heart!!!!! A Nordstrom Rack was opening in the very same location. I love Nordstrom! It's my very favorite of all the large department stores and I have had good luck at more than one Nordstrom Rack finding clothing in my size. I had high hopes!!! Until today.... Nordstrom Rack had a bit of a preview. I was reading on twitter about it from several bloggers... but here's what made me stop: Tashia of Hips and Hangers mentioned that there were no plus sizes to be found. What the F$CK!!??!!??!! Only four places in Boston to shop! There is a reason why my entire closed is pretty much Old Navy. You know, come to think of it I have no REALLY nice clothes. My husband - who really doesn't like clothes - has some nicer clothes than me! This is all funny because I REALLY F*CKING LOVE FASHION!

I've realized as I'm typing that this past is going to be MASSIVE POST! (And I'm wicked sleepy!) I'll give you one main reason why NOT stocking plus size clothing is just about the DUMBEST idea ever, and then cover the rest in Part 2.

Lets took it from a pure profit standpoint. There's an obesity epidemic in American, and we need to be clothed. That epidemic, sadly, is growing....and we need to be clothed. Retailers should/could be cashing in. "Fashion" just doesn't fit most of America. Do we deserve to just walk around in burlap sacks? You're not skinny, so therefor you can't have nice things? This is what my subconscious hears. I know my subconscious it a little kooky, but if mine is hearing it...there's a damned good chance that someone else's is. Upon hearing that I can't have nice things...well, that makes me depressed. Know what I like to do when I'm depressed? Eat and eat a lot. ||: More fat, less nice things, depressed, eat :|| What a cycle! My idea for part 2 is to talk about what a devastating affect this can have. You know...cause I'm all sunshine, moonbeams and sh!t! Until then (which may be awhile, because I have a friend coming to stay for a few days starting tomorrow), sweet dreams y'all


  1. I'm with you. I used to work at Macy's and I think it is not too bad shopping there. I haven't not yet had to venture into plus sizes, I have usually been able to find clothes that fit me in XL still. I have been able to avoid moving into Plus although maybe I really should. But you would think the retailers would want to cash in. You really would.

  2. The only place I've been able to get/afford nicer Plus Size clothes is Lane Bryant. I am one size from not being able to shop there for at least my bottom half, so I'm actually a little nervous... I've been shopping there since I was in Junior high so I don't really know where to go next! I think Id give a crap about fashion if at any point in my life I could afford things I liked that fit me well... Just because of my size, it been prevented. The fashion industry is doing a disservice to it's investors by not adequately acknowledging the growing size of Americans.

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out lady! Boston is a tough city to be plus sized (at least without a car). My plus size circuit is the H&M and Macy's in downtown crossing, then to South Bay for Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. In desperation I've also tried Talbots in Copley Square (ugh old lady clothes). If I have access to a car or a nice friend with a car I love the plus size fashion mecca that is the Natick Mall (Torrid, Lane Bryant, JCP, Macys, Nordstrom and a Forever 21 that has plus sizes!)

    I'm lucky in that I can usually wear a L or XL in shirts from straight sized retailers (H&M is my favorite), but pants,jeans skirts and fitted dresses give me a real problem (size 14W or 16W usually fit best, but I can do a 16 or 18 in "straight" sizes if they're stretchy). I think this conversation means we should be shopping buddies... just sayin :)

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