Monday, March 11, 2013

Metaphorical Carrots v 2.0

Sorry, but this one is a little overdue. This milestone happened sometime over two weeks ago - at the very least. Then I had to wait to have enought money...order things....have them come in.... I did have every intention of fixing my hair and doing my makeup and taking pictures, but between work, working on and life...well, that just didn't happen. So here's what you get...

I ordered a new workout outfit: the pants are too big (good problem to have), but the top is really cute!

I also ordered a new dress. It' a full size down from what I had been wearing. It'll most likely be the only dress I order in this size, as I guess it's going to be too big quite soon. Here's a picture of the print.

Another weight loss benchmark has come and gone, and I just ordered my little carrots! I'll post pictures as soon as they're delivered. Also, yet ANOTHER benchmark is looming quickly....I'm excited and anxious. It's a BIG one!!!! But more on that tomorrow.

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