Monday, March 18, 2013

Metaphorical Carrots v. 3.0 (2.0 Redux)

Sorry for the delay, darling readers...but I had a dear friend visiting Boston from SETX and the husband and I were doing what good friends do, and were playing host. I did manage to walk the entirety of the freedom trail while he was here, so there's that!

Now! Back to metaphorical carrots... Before I jump into v. 3.0 for stop, I wanted to revisit the dress from v. 2.0, you know..there on I just showed the print for...? Well, here it is ON.

Pardon my messy ass bedroom!
I'm pretty pleased with this on several front. I'm starting to look at my entire body (clothed - naked is another story) and be pleased with what I see. Not satisfied, but pleased. There's a big difference. I still have miles to go before I sleep. Also, I giggled that the bust of this dress was technically too big for me..that NEVER HAPPENS! This is I problem I could get used to! Darts be my friend! Now, before anyone gets upset about the Girls disappearing completely (a bit of a strange thing to type), not to fret! Shy of plastic surgery, I'll always be a busty lass...and I like it that way. Have you seen how gorgeous Christina Hendricks is!?!?! I've had the stripped cardigan for awhile. It didn't hit at the the lower hips before this journey began. It hit just below the waist. SCORE! Now...onto the real v. 3.0....

It makes me feel like a Cajun Mermaid...or something
I'm convinced that this swim cap has some seriously good juju or some, as I wore it for the first time yesterday and had an AMAZING swim workout!!! I've been isolating both my kicks and stroke with the help of kick boards and then pulling it all back together in hopes to refine my different strokes (freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke.) In all honestly (an all easy to do puns aside), I'm enjoy the breast stroke the most: it's like 1/2 mantra ray - 1/2 awesome!

Embracing my adult right to never make my bed!
Carrying my swim/gym gear in a rather expensive Burberry bag was getting a little excessive....even for me! So, I treated myself to this BRIGHT GREEN mesh Speedo backpack bag.  Next to black and bronze (are those even actual colors?) green is my favorite color. I've used the bag twice and it's working out great to far. Plus, I love the fact that it's an actual backpack. The balance of my shoulders thanks me. Now...if I could just find something (other than a Ziploc baggie) that's good with water and good for me to keep my toiletries in.

A couple of other things....

1) I have decided that Kashmir by Led Zeppelin is THE BET pre-swim song! Driving, yet not especially driving. In a word: "epic".

2) It's looming...the big 50 lbs. lost. I have 2.4 lbs. to go. It's GOING to happen this week. I can feel lit in my bone. I have an easy work week, which = lots of time to work out and energy to really concentrate on eating clean.

Thank is all. :-)