Friday, March 8, 2013

Kathleen Needs A New Swimcap

**Uno momento: Thanks to a co-worked and Bartles and James, I am OBSESSED with Songza. Now, let's set the blogging mood: It's late Friday morning, what are we in the mood for? Music for International Woman's Day!!!! I'll take the play list Proud to be a Women. It's a DVF play list. Is that THE DVF, you know....the one who does my coveted wrap dresses? Singing *what you I got it...*

Meow, meow! Not going on my noggin. Meow!
If you haven't picked it up by now, my preferred method or working out is swimming. With the swimming breakthroughs I've had this week. I've decided I have earned a fun new swim cap. And you dear readers are going to help me pick on out! My current swim cap is plain green. Like regular ol' green. Green, by the way, is my favorite color. It goes rather well with my swimsuit.

Light green, neon-ish green and black! Very me colors. are your choices.

1) Waterpro Rainbow Silicone Swimcap

2) Speedo Puzzle Me This Swimcap

3) 1Line Sports Gator Silicone Cap

I really feel as though I should get the Sporti Eggs All Over Silicone Swim Cap for Easter time!

Now, if I just didn't give a shit, I get one of these: Sporti Davey Silicone Swim Cap or Sporti Flower Cap.

So lovely readers...which one of the first three do you think is the most me? Let me know in the comments!!!


  1. I really like the flowers, but if you're not really feeling it I would go with the rainbow because I feel like it would do best when you get a smaller suit and need to match.

  2. I like #3 and the last one, with flowers.

  3. I'm for the Gator and second choice is the Puzzle cap. I agree that the rainbow will be easier to match in the future, but I figure that you'll have earned another new cap by then. :)

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