Monday, March 4, 2013

Skinny Fashion Wish List

*Side note before we get started: I'm a little frustrated. Monday is official "Get Your Weight For The Week Day"& I only lost 0.4 pounds. Granted it's a net loss, but I'm still frustrated. The past three weeks have seen anywhere between 2-4 pounds lost. Perhaps this was just a rest week for my body. I was always under my calories and I worked out for five days, however....I didn't eat the best this week and drank more alcohol than on a normal week. So there's that. Perhaps I'm just gaining muscle. This delightful paradox I can deal with. Whatever it is, it's a marathon & not a, on to fashion!

As a lass who loves fashion (turn to the left) A LOT, it's fun for me to day dream about what clothes I'll go for once the weight is off. So I decided to compile a little know 1) so I don't forget and 2) you can see if there's anything I'm missing. Fashion is fun! (So I love this post, A LOT!) In less than a year, these things WILL be on my body.

1) DVF Wrap Dress - In every makeover show I've ever watched, I've heard these words: "Wrap dresses flatter a fuller chest." OK, to a point...but Toto, I don't think I'm in "fuller" land anymore, so there will be this big moment of glee when I am just "fuller" chested. To celebrate, why not go with the wrap dress of all wrap dresses, a DVF!

2) Leather/Pleather Leggings - Maybe there's a rocker chic on the inside just dying to get out, I don't know. I think the idea of leather/pleather leggings with a flow tank and blazer to be impossibly chic. I have relatively good legs for my size and have been really working to tone as a go during my weight loss. So, in my the time I'm done they'll be smokin' in some leather/pleather leggings. Perhaps even redefining my "Tights Are Not Pants" stance. (!!!!????)

3) Killer Heels - Granted, there's nothing size wise keeping my from wearing crazy-insane high heels, but at my current weight, it's just not comfortable. Plus, my boobs TOTALLY throw off my balance. I know, I know..."suffer to be beautiful" but I even have my place where I draw the line. If any of my readers want to start a fund and by some Charlotte Olympia bird cage heels for me, I would not protest!

4) Tall Boots - My "good" legs aren't really slender legs yet. I yearn for the days when I calves will allow me a too the knee or even over the knee CFM boots! (You figure out the acronym!) Also, I purchased a pair of the short Hunter boots in orange this season, and they have already paid for themselves with how much ware I've gotten out of them already. Wouldn't it be great to get them some friends....say the original height hunter green Hunters?

5) Maxi Shirts (or skirts in general) - Right now the smallest part of my body isn't my waist...not by a long shot, it's right under my boobs. So, while empire waisted tops and dresses give me a rather 60's bombshell silhouette (minus the torturous underpinnings), skirts on me right now are frump, frump, frump. I especially love the diaphanous chiffon ones. Currently I really don't go for diaphanous anything, structure and targeted draping is the name of the game. I look forward to diaphanous and accentuating my ever whittling waist.

6) Sleeveless Anything - My arms were actually my first body part I came to dislike. As soon as High School was over, and I quit twirling the flab started to set in. Turns out, twirling was just like a very un-perverse shake weight with dance elements attached. I never wear sleeveless. Correction: I never wear sleeveless without a cardigan over them. But come on, how cute is this....(?)

7) Properly Fitting Button Down Shirt - From a style standpoint, I have no overwhelming urge to rock the button down. This one is on shear principle of the thing, plus - I guess it IS a staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe.  I was having this conversation with a co-worker the other have a button down properly fit all over, not have to close any between button gaps with a safety pin or wear a cami underneath.... that would be sweet, sweet victory!

OK readers. Is there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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