Monday, September 10, 2012

The Morning After: Tom Ford's Cafe Rose

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Le Jardin Noir Collection
When trying to describe things that are abstract in nature I give it a sort of "it's like that, but when this happens to it." Tom Ford's Cafe Rose is going to get that type of treatment. I tend to wax a bit on the lyric side about the TF's; I give you my review of Tuscan Leather as an example.

I enjoyed the entire Le Jardin Noir Collection, I think they're all really nice and fit nicely in with all the other Private Blends. Two of the four really stuck out to me: Cafe Rose and Lys Fume. (More on Lys Fume later.)

For me to talk about Cafe Rose, I have to talk a bit about Andy Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille. I love, Love, LOVE URV! Une Rose Vermeille is an alluring rose jam. She's rose jam in some red soled Louboutins & red lipstick. Quite honestly, URV's a bit of a trollop. Don't get me wrong though, she OWNS her trollop-ness. It's not sad or riddled with Daddy issues; it's confident, in charge, and with a good deal of sexy swagger.

Cafe Rose is Une Rose Vermeille the morning know! ;-) Her heels are kicked off somewhere in her apartment (because she goes to HER place), her red lipstick has come off and is smeared somehow in a few unexpected places, she's wrapped herself in either a silk vintage bathrobe or his button down that somehow got left behind - oh, there's some of that lipstick - , and she's sitting curled up on the couch enjoying a strong cup of coffee as she replays the events of the prior evening with a wry smile on her face.

Cafe Rose is a foody rose, but not in a jammy sort of way. To carry the story further, it's as if all the jam has been ummm.... worked out, shall we say... The saffron up front makes it slightly sweet and exotic when mixed with the rose. The coffee makes it (for me anyway) familiar, comforting, and accessible while the incense and patchouli on the bottom provide both a bit of mystery and deep freshness.

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  1. This sounds so great. I don't think the Tom Ford Private Blends are anywhere in Austin, though. :(

    1. Not at a Saks? For sure in Dallas or Houston for your next road trip!

    2. No, my Saks is so small that they don't carry the Private Blends (other than Neroli Portofino). And earlier this week I found out our Saks is closing. So sad. :( :( :( :(

      We have a verrrrry small Neiman's and I don't think they even have the Private Blends. Although admittedly I don't go there as much because I feel outclassed.

      I don't know when the next time I'll get to Dallas or Houston is! Because we're not Texas natives we don't go there that much unless there's a compelling reason (sports or a concert). Maybe I'll try to plan something for Thanksgiving though. Husband has an aunt in Dallas...

    3. Ugh! That's so sad. Shame on you Dallas. Shame! Shame!

    4. Austin! Shame on Austin! haha ;)

  2. oh darn you darn you! I don't need any more samples, and I def don't need to explore this line, but oh this sounds right up my alley.

    1. Haha Carol! I'm sorry and I'm welcome all at the same time! :-)