Monday, September 17, 2012

The Chicest Show on Earth: L'Artisan's Dzing!

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Dzing! is the olfactory representation a circus put on by Baz Lurhmann after he as taken an elephant's dose of tranquilizers. Or maybe I'm just thinking of Like Water for Elephants....? It's super chic, yet done with the pristine white-gloved L'Artisan hand of restraint. Also, evidently....elephants never poop at this circus.

It's honestly a little difficult for me to wrap my words around, but it's simply perfect for the fall crispness that is starting to push its way in. Dzing! is this slightly syrupy leather: think of a candy apple...but instead of an apple, it's riding boots that are dipped in the syrupy goodness, then rolled around in clean sawdust.

In all honesty, the L'Artisan website does a fantastic job of pegging this one:

A true L’Artsian Parfumeur icon. This shockingly unique fragrance, created by Olivia Giacobetti, Dzing! is a magical evocation of a circus of dreams and imagination. Everything is soft hued and slow moving, sights and sounds rolling by in the Big Top. Everything is there, the scent of saddle leather as pretty girls on horses canter by, sawdust, the rosin on the acrobats’ hands as they arc through the air, black panther fur, fire-eaters and gasoline, the vintage canvas overhead, the caramel scent of candyfloss and toffee apples. The circus as conceived by L’Artisan Parfumeur, comforting but contrasted with the occasional roar tearing through the night.

Tenacity and longevity wise, Dzing! can be a bit on the light-handed side, but actually hangs around quite a bit (by my own self dictated L'Artisan standards). Definitely "more than just a sample" worthy for the Fall, especially on the days where I want to run away and join the super chic circus that exists only in my mind.

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  1. "A circus put on by Baz Luhrman" is such a perfect description of Dzing! If only we could convince Baz to direct circuses instead of this ridiculous 3D Great Gatsby...

    1. EEEEK!!! Thanks so much, Ari! And....I AGREE...what part of Gatsby says, "3D"!?!?!